CreateFreqAnalysis: Creates data analysis structure for frequency analysis...

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Creates data analysis structure that stores the information extracted from a variability analysis of heart rate signal and joins it to HRVData as a member of a list





Data structure that stores the beats register and information related to it


Deprecated argument maintained for compatibility, use SetVerbose() instead


Returns HRVData, the structure that contains beat positions register, associated heart rate instantaneous values, filtered heart rate signal equally spaced, and a new analysis structure as a member of a list


M. Lado, A. Mendez, D. Olivieri, L. Rodriguez, X. Vila


L. Rodriguez-Linares, A. Mendez, M. Lado, D. Olivieri, X. Vila, I. Gomez-Conde, "An open source tool for heart rate variability spectral analysis", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 103, 39-50, doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2010.05.012 (2011)

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