median_cut: The median cut algorithm

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Cut an rgb cube into two color cubes, each with as imilar number of elements.


median_cut(image, vbox, iter = 1)



List An image in list form, with three components: red, green, blue


List The output of vbox() for the given image. A list of image parameters ("min", "max", "med", "ext" and "volume")


Integer The number attached to the names of the two new images.


Represents the rgb colorspace as a cube, with side lengths based on the red, green, and blue extents (difference between maximum and minimum within-color values).

The algorithm takes the side with the largest extent (extent information is passed in via the vbox() parameter), and splits the cube along the median value.

Both halves of the cube are then returned.


Two new images in a list, each separated into rgb components

See Also

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