Man pages for RInno
An Installation Framework for Shiny Apps

codePascal script to check registry for R
compile_issCompile ISS
copy_installationDefault installation files
create_appCreates installation files and Inno Setup Script (ISS),...
create_batCreates app's batch file, "app_name.bat"
create_configCreates an app config file, "config.cfg"
directivesInno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) Directives
example_appExample app
filesFile Section of ISS
flexdashboard_checkSearch for flexdashboard
get_ChromeDownloads Chrome
get_PandocDownloads Pandoc
get_RDownloads R
iconsIcons Section of ISS
install_innoDownloads and installs Inno Setup
languagesLanguages Section of ISS
runRun Section of ISS
setupSetup Section of ISS
start_issStart ISS
tasksTasks Section of ISS
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