JDBCDriver-methods: Methods for the class JDBCDriver in Package 'RJDBC'

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Methods for the class JDBCDriver in Package ‘RJDBC’


Methods for the class ‘JDBCDriver’ in Package ‘RJDBC’.

Most prominent method is dbConnect, it creates a new JDBC connection using the specified driver. From RJDBC 0.2-9 on the driver takes precedence over DriverManager, because DriverManager is static and is not capable of finding drivers dynamically. DriverManager is now only used if the driver is a NULL-driver, i.e., JDBC(NULL).

There are only two positional properties user='' and password='' neither of which will be set if empty. All other arguments are treated as additional properties passed to the connection (except when DriverManager is used).

Additional arguments to dbConnect() properties are set

dbListConnections always return NULL with a warning, because JDBC connections are not tracked.

dbGetInfo returns very basic information, because the JDBC driver is not loaded until a connection is created.

dbUnloadDriver is a no-op in the current implementation, because drivers are never removed from the JVM.



signature(drv = "JDBCDriver", ...)


signature(drv = "JDBCDriver", ...)


signature(drv = "JDBCDriver", ...)


signature(drv = "JDBCDriver", ...)

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