Man pages for RMThreshold
Signal-Noise Separation in Random Matrices by using Eigenvalue Spectrum Analysis

add.Gaussian.noiseAdd Gaussian noise to a matrix
create.rand.matCreate a real-valued, symmetric random matrix
rm.connectionsCreate ordered list of largest matrix elements
rm.denoise.matRemove noise from a random matrix by applying a threshold
rm.discard.zerosDiscard rows and columns from a matrix that exclusively...
rm.ev.densityCreate a density plot and a histogram of the eigenvalue...
rm.get.thresholdEstimate an objective threshold for signal-noise separation...
rm.matrix.validationValidate input matrix prior to threshold computation a sequence of plots on screen
rm.spacing.distributionPlot the empirical distribution of the eigenvalue spacings
RMThreshold-internalInternal functions for the RMThreshold package
RMThreshold-packageSignal-Noise Separation in Correlation Matrices by using...
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