Man pages for RMongo
MongoDB Client for R

dbAggregate-methodsPerforming a MongoDB aggregate query
dbAuthenticate-methodsAuthenticate with a username/password.
dbDisconnect-methodsDisconnect from the MongoDB database
dbGetDistinct-methodsPerforming a distinct MongoDB query
dbGetQueryForKeys-methodsPerforming a MongoDB query and only return back certain keys
dbGetQuery-methodsPerforming a MongoDB query
dbInsertDocument-methodsInsert a document into a MongoDB collection
dbRemoveQuery-methodsPerforming a delete MongoDB query
dbSetWriteConcern-methodsSet write concern.
dbShowCollections-methodsShows a list of collections
mongoDbConnectConnecting to a MongoDB database
mongoDbReplicaSetConnectConnecting to a MongoDB Replica Set
RMongo-classClass RMongo
RMongo-packageMongoDB client for R.
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