RNeo4j: Neo4j Driver for R

Neo4j, a graph database, allows users to store their data as a property graph. A graph consists of nodes that are connected by relationships; both nodes and relationships can have properties, or key-value pairs. RNeo4j is Neo4j's R driver. It allows users to read and write data from and to Neo4j directly from their R environment by exposing an interface for interacting with nodes, relationships, paths, and more. Most notably, it allows users to retrieve Cypher query results as R data frames, where Cypher is Neo4j's graph query language. Visit <http://www.neo4j.com> to learn more about Neo4j.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorNicole White
Date of publication2016-04-06 09:43:05
MaintainerNicole White <nicole@neo4j.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

addConstraint: Uniqueness Constraints

addIndex: Indexes

addLabel: Node Labels

allDijkstra: Weighted Shortest Paths

allShortestPaths: Shortest Paths and Weighted Shortest Paths

browse: Neo4j Browser

clear: Clear the Database

createNode: Nodes

createRel: Relationships

cypher: Cypher Queries to Data Frames

cypherToList: Cypher Queries to Lists

delete: Delete Nodes and Relationships

deleteProp: Delete Node and Relationship Properties

dijkstra: Weighted Shortest Paths

dropConstraint: Uniqueness Constraints

dropIndex: Indexes

dropLabel: Node Labels

endNode: Retrieve Nodes from Relationships or Paths

getConstraint: Uniqueness Constraints

getID: Internal IDs

getIndex: Indexes

getLabel: Node Labels

getLabeledNodes: Retrieve Nodes by Label and Property

getNodes: Retrieve Nodes with Cypher Queries

getOrCreateNode: Create Unique Node or Retrieve Unique Node

getPaths: Retrieve Paths with Cypher Queries

getRels: Retrieve Relationships with Cypher Queries

getSingleNode: Retrieve Nodes with Cypher Queries

getSinglePath: Retrieve Paths with Cypher Queries

getSingleRel: Retrieve Relationships with Cypher Queries

getType: Relationship Types

getUniqueNode: Retrieve Nodes by Label and Property

importSample: Import Sample Datasets

incomingRels: Retrieve Relationships from Nodes

nodes: Retrieve Nodes from Paths

outgoingRels: Retrieve Relationships from Nodes

rels: Retrieve Relationships from Paths

RNeo4j: Neo4j Driver for R

shortestPath: Shortest Paths and Weighted Shortest Paths

startGraph: Connect to the Database

startNode: Retrieve Nodes from Relationships or Paths

transactions: Transactions

updateProp: Update Node and Relationship Properties


addConstraint Man page
addIndex Man page
addLabel Man page
allDijkstra Man page
allShortestPaths Man page
appendCypher Man page
browse Man page
clear Man page
commit Man page
createNode Man page
createRel Man page
cypher Man page
cypherToList Man page
delete Man page
deleteProp Man page
dijkstra Man page
dropConstraint Man page
dropIndex Man page
dropLabel Man page
endNode Man page
getConstraint Man page
getID Man page
getIndex Man page
getLabel Man page
getLabeledNodes Man page
getNodes Man page
getOrCreateNode Man page
getPaths Man page
getRels Man page
getSingleNode Man page
getSinglePath Man page
getSingleRel Man page
getType Man page
getUniqueNode Man page
importSample Man page
incomingRels Man page
newTransaction Man page
nodes Man page
outgoingRels Man page
rels Man page
RNeo4j Man page
shortestPath Man page
startGraph Man page
startNode Man page
transactions Man page
updateProp Man page


tests/testthat/test-labels.R tests/testthat/test-paths.R tests/testthat/test-properties.R tests/testthat/test-nodes.R tests/testthat/test-schema.R tests/testthat/test-cypherToList.R tests/testthat/test-rels.R tests/testthat/test-internals.R tests/testthat/test-cypher.R tests/testthat/test-transactions.R
R/clear.R R/dropConstraint.R R/createRel.R R/createNode.R R/getLabeledNodes.R R/dropLabel.R R/getSinglePath.R R/delete.R R/cypherToList.R R/browse.R R/commit.R R/startNode.R R/addConstraint.R R/endNode.R R/incomingRels.R R/getRels.R R/outgoingRels.R R/getPaths.R R/getConstraint.R R/newTransaction.R R/shortestPath.R R/deleteProp.R R/dropIndex.R R/getType.R R/allShortestPaths.R R/dijkstra.R R/nodes.R R/internal.R R/print.R R/updateProp.R R/importSample.R R/getSingleNode.R R/getIndex.R R/addLabel.R R/cypher.R R/RNeo4j.R R/getOrCreateNode.R R/getUniqueNode.R R/appendCypher.R R/allDijkstra.R R/getNodes.R R/getLabel.R R/getID.R R/addIndex.R R/startGraph.R R/getSingleRel.R R/rels.R
man/createNode.Rd man/shortestPath.Rd man/dropConstraint.Rd man/getNodes.Rd man/getLabel.Rd man/allShortestPaths.Rd man/addLabel.Rd man/dijkstra.Rd man/deleteProp.Rd man/getSingleNode.Rd man/startGraph.Rd man/getLabeledNodes.Rd man/getPaths.Rd man/createRel.Rd man/importSample.Rd man/endNode.Rd man/updateProp.Rd man/dropIndex.Rd man/RNeo4j.Rd man/rels.Rd man/getConstraint.Rd man/getIndex.Rd man/getType.Rd man/outgoingRels.Rd man/cypherToList.Rd man/addConstraint.Rd man/addIndex.Rd man/incomingRels.Rd man/allDijkstra.Rd man/clear.Rd man/getOrCreateNode.Rd man/transactions.Rd man/getID.Rd man/delete.Rd man/cypher.Rd man/nodes.Rd man/getSingleRel.Rd man/getSinglePath.Rd man/getUniqueNode.Rd man/getRels.Rd man/startNode.Rd man/browse.Rd man/dropLabel.Rd

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