ROI: R Optimization Infrastructure

The R Optimization Infrastructure (ROI) is a sophisticated framework for handling optimization problems in R.

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AuthorKurt Hornik [aut], David Meyer [aut], Florian Schwendinger [aut], Stefan Theussl [aut, cre], Diethelm Wuertz [ctb]
Date of publication2016-06-18 18:46:06
MaintainerStefan Theussl <>

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as.C_bound Man page
as.constraint Man page
as.F_constraint Man page
as.F_constraint.constraint Man page
as.F_constraint.NULL Man page
as.F_objective Man page
as.L_constraint Man page
as.L_objective Man page
as.L_term Man page
as.NO_constraint Man page
as.objective Man page
as.OP Man page
as.Q_constraint Man page
as.Q_objective Man page
as.Q_term Man page
as.Q_term.list Man page
as.Q_term.matrix Man page
as.Q_term.NULL Man page
as.Q_term.numeric Man page
as.Q_term.simple_triplet_matrix Man page
as.V_bound Man page
bound (Constructors) Man page
bounds Man page
bounds<- Man page
bounds.OP Man page
bounds (Set/Get) Man page
c.bound Man page
C_bound Man page
c.C_bound Man page
c.constraint Man page
constraint (Constructors) Man page
constraints Man page
constraints<- Man page
constraints.OP Man page
c.V_bound Man page
dim.constraint Man page
equal Man page
equal.character Man page
equal.integer Man page
equal.L_constraint Man page
equal.list Man page
equal.logical Man page
equal.NULL Man page
equal.numeric Man page
equal.Q_constraint Man page
equal.simple_triplet_matrix Man page
F_constraint Man page
F_objective Man page
G Man page
is.bound Man page
is.C_bound Man page
is.constraint Man page
is.F_constraint Man page
is.L_constraint Man page
is.NO_constraint Man page
is.Q_constraint Man page
is.V_bound Man page
J Man page
J.L_constraint Man page
J.Q_constraint Man page
L_constraint Man page
length.L_constraint Man page
length.Q_constraint Man page
L_objective Man page
nlminb2 Man page
NO_constraint Man page
objective Man page
OP Man page
Q_constraint Man page
Q_objective Man page
rbind.constraint Man page
ROI_applicable_solvers Man page
ROI_available_solvers Man page
ROI_installed_solvers Man page
ROI_options Man page
.ROI_plugin_add_status_code_to_db Man page
.ROI_plugin_canonicalize_solution Man page
.ROI_plugin_get_solver_name Man page
.ROI_plugin_make_signature Man page
.ROI_plugin_register_solver_control Man page
.ROI_plugin_register_solver_method Man page
ROI_registered_solvers Man page
ROI_solve Man page
solution Man page
terms.F_constraint Man page
terms.F_objective Man page
terms.L_constraint Man page
terms.L_objective Man page
terms.Q_constraint Man page
terms.Q_objective Man page
types Man page
US30 Man page
variable.names.F_constraint Man page
variable.names.F_objective Man page
variable.names.L_constraint Man page
variable.names.L_objective Man page
variable.names.Q_constraint Man page
variable.names.Q_objective Man page
V_bound Man page
vech Man page


inst/tests/CP/powd_1.R inst/tests/CP/socp_2.R inst/tests/CP/powp_1.R inst/tests/CP/sdp_2.R inst/tests/CP/expp_1.R inst/tests/CP/sdp_1.R inst/tests/CP/socp_1.R inst/tests/CP/expp_2.R inst/tests/CP/expp_3.R inst/tests/CP/expd_1.R inst/tests/C_constraints.R
inst/tests/NLP/test-banana-global.R inst/tests/NLP/test-simple.R inst/tests/NLP/test-parameters.R inst/tests/NLP/test-hs023.R inst/tests/NLP/test-example.R inst/tests/NLP/test-systemofeq.R inst/tests/NLP/test-banana.R inst/tests/NLP/test-hs071.R
inst/tests/MILP/milp_1.R inst/tests/MILP/milp_2.R
inst/tests/LP/lp_1.R inst/tests/testing.R inst/tests/rbind.R inst/tests/Combine.R
R/sanitychecks.R R/roi.R R/plugin.R R/solution.R R/OP.R R/doc_data.R R/objective.R R/utilities.R R/errors.R R/plugin_nlminb.R R/solver.R R/bounds.R R/gradient.R R/constraints.R R/types.R R/zzz.R
man/NO_constraint.Rd man/ROI_registered_solvers.Rd man/constraints.Rd man/J.Rd man/types.Rd man/ROI_solve.Rd man/equal.Rd man/rbind.constraint.Rd man/as.L_term.Rd man/Bounds_Accessor_Mutator.Rd man/vech.Rd man/ROI_plugin_make_signature.Rd man/as.Q_term.Rd man/ROI_bound.Rd man/ROI_constraint.Rd man/F_constraint.Rd man/ROI_plugin_register_solver_method.Rd man/ROI_plugin_get_solver_name.Rd man/Q_constraint.Rd man/G.Rd man/L_objective.Rd man/C_bound.Rd man/ROI_plugin_register_solver_control.Rd man/V_bound.Rd man/objective.Rd man/ROI_plugin_canonicalize_solution.Rd man/nlminb2.Rd man/F_objective.Rd man/ROI_plugin_add_status_code_to_db.Rd man/L_constraint.Rd man/OP.Rd man/US30.Rd man/ROI_applicable_solvers.Rd man/Q_objective.Rd man/ROI_options.Rd man/solution.Rd

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