Man pages for RPEIF
Computation and Plots of Influence Functions for Risk and Performance Measures

IFInfluence Function for Available Risk and Performance...
IF.DSRInfluence Function - Downside Sharpe Ratio
IF.ESInfluence Function - Expected Shortfall (ES)
IF.ESratioInfluence Function - Expected Shortfall (ES) Ratio
IF.LPMInfluence Function - Lower Partial Moment (LPM)
IF.MeanInfluence Function - Mean
IF.OmegaRatioInfluence Function - Omega Ratio
IF.RachevRatioInfluence Function - Rachev Ratio
IF.robMeanInfluence Function - Robust M-Estimator of Mean
IF.SDInfluence Function - Standard Deviation
IF.SemiSDInfluence Function - Semi-Standard Deviation (SemiSD)
IF.SoRInfluence Function - Sortino Ratio
IF.SRInfluence Function - Sharpe Ratio (SR)
IF.VaRInfluence Function - Value at Risk (VaR)
IF.VaRratioInfluence Function - Value at Risk (VaR) Ratio
nuisParsFnNuisance Parameters Computation
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