Man pages for RPostgreSQL
R Interface to the 'PostgreSQL' Database System

dbApplyApply R/S-Plus functions to remote groups of DBMS rows...
dbApply-methodsApply R/S-Plus functions to remote groups of DBMS rows...
dbCallProc-methodsCall an SQL stored procedure
dbCommit-methodsDBMS Transaction Management
dbConnect-methodsCreate a connection object to an PostgreSQL DBMS
dbDataType-methodsDetermine the SQL Data Type of an S object
dbDriver-methodsPostgreSQL implementation of the Database Interface (DBI)...
dbGetInfo-methodsDatabase interface meta-data
dbListTables-methodsList items from an PostgreSQL DBMS and from objects
dbObjectId-classClass dbObjectId
dbReadTable-methodsConvenience functions for Importing/Exporting DBMS tables
dbSendQuery-methodsExecute a statement on a given database connection
dbSetDataMappings-methodsSet data mappings between PostgreSQL and R/S-Plus
fetch-methodsFetch records from a previously executed query
isPostgresqlIdCurrentCheck whether a database handle object is valid or not
make.db.names-methodsMake R/S-Plus identifiers into quoted PostgreSQL identifiers
PostgreSQLInstantiate a PostgreSQL client from the current R or S-Plus...
postgresqlBuildTableDefinitionBuild the SQL CREATE TABLE definition as a string
PostgreSQLConnection-classClass PostgreSQLConnection
postgresqlDBApplyApply R/S-Plus functions to remote groups of DBMS rows...
PostgreSQLDriver-classClass PostgreSQLDriver
PostgreSQLObject-classClass PostgreSQLObject
PostgreSQLResult-classClass PostgreSQLResult
postgresqlSupportSupport Functions
S4RR compatibility with S version 4/Splus5+ support functions
summary-methodsSummarize an PostgreSQL object
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