Man pages for RProtoBuf
R Interface to the 'Protocol Buffers' 'API' (Version 2 or 3)

addadd elements of a repeated field of a message
ArrayInputStream-classClass "ArrayInputStream"
ArrayInputStream-methodsCreates an ArrayInputStream
ArrayOutputStream-classClass "ArrayOutputStream"
ArrayOutputStream-methodsCreates an ArrayOutputStream
aslistGrab the protocol buffer message as an R list
asMessagecoerce an object to a protobuf message
BackUp-methodsBacks up a number of bytes from a stream
ByteCount-methodsThe number of bytes read/written since the object was created
bytesizeThe number of bytes taken by a message
clearClear a field or all fields of the message and set them to...
cloneClone protocol buffer messages
completionCompletion support for protocol buffer messages and...
ConnectionInputStream-classClass "ConnectionInputStream"
ConnectionInputStream-methodsCreates an ConnectionInputStream
ConnectionOutputStream-classClass "ConnectionOutputStream"
ConnectionOutputStream-methodsCreates an ConnectionOutputStream
containing_type-methodsGets the message type descriptor that contains a descriptor
descriptorGet the descriptor of a message
Descriptor-classClass "Descriptor"
EnumDescriptor-classClass "EnumDescriptor"
enum_typeExtract an enum type descriptor for a nested type
enum_type_countThe number of enum types
EnumValueDescriptor-classClass "EnumValueDescriptor"
fetchFetch content of a repeated field
fieldExtract a field descriptor
field_countThe number of fields
FieldDescriptor-classClass "FieldDescriptor"
fileDescriptorgets the file descriptor of an object
FileDescriptor-classClass "FileDescriptor"
FileInputStream-classClass "FileInputStream"
FileInputStream-methodsCreates an FileInputStream
FileOutputStream-classClass "FileOutputStream"
FileOutputStream-methodsCreates an FileOutputStream
GetErrno-methodsGet the error number for an I/O error
hasIndicates if an object has the given field set
invokeLocallyinvoke a protobuf rpc method
is_extensionIndicates if a field descriptor is an extension
isInitializedIndicates if a protocol buffer message is initialized
labelGets the label of a field
mergeMerge two messages of the same type
Message-classClass "Message"
MethodDescriptor-classClass "MethodDescriptor"
nameName or full name of a descriptor
nested_typeExtract a message type descriptor for a nested type
nested_type_countThe number of fields
Next-methodsObtains a chunk of data from the stream
numberGets the declared tag number of a field
PProtocol Buffer descriptor importer
readRead a protocol buffer message from a connection
readASCIIread a message in ASCII format
readProtoFilesprotocol buffer descriptor importer
RpcHTTP-classClass "RpcHTTP"
RProtoBuf-packageR Interface to the Protocol Buffers API
serialize_pbSerialize R object to Protocol Buffer Message.
ServiceDescriptor-classClass "ServiceDescriptor"
setset a subset of values of a repeated field of a message
SetCloseOnDelete-methodsset the close on delete behavior
sizeSize of a message field
sizegetsSet the size of a field
Skip-methodsSkips a number of bytes
swapswap elements of a repeated field of a message
typeGets the type or the C++ type of a field
withwith and within methods for protocol buffer messages
ZeroCopyInputStream-classVirtual Class "ZeroCopyInputStream"
ZeroCopyOutputStream-classVirtual Class "ZeroCopyOutputStream"
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