Man pages for RRI
Residual Randomization Inference for Regression Models

check_modelChecks whether the input 'model' is valid.
example_clusteringAn example 'clustering' object. A clustering is a 'List' that...
example_modelExample regression model and H0.
fastLmFast least squares
get_clustered_epsCalculate residuals restricted under H0
OLS_cFast least squares
one_sided_testOne-sided testing
out_pvalCalculates p-value or test decision
restricted_OLS_cFast least squares with linear constraint
rrinfGeneric residual randomization confidence intervals
rrinfBaseGeneric residual randomization inference This function...
rrinf_clustResidual randomization inference based on cluster invariances
rrtestGeneric residual randomization test
rrtest_clustResidual randomization test under cluster invariances
r_test_cResidual randomization test
two_sided_testTwo-sided testing
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