RSAGA: SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R

Provides access to geocomputing and terrain analysis functions of the geographical information system (GIS) 'SAGA' (System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses) from within R by running the command line version of SAGA. This package furthermore provides several R functions for handling ASCII grids, including a flexible framework for applying local functions (including predict methods of fitted models) and focal functions to multiple grids. SAGA GIS is available under GPLv2 / LGPLv2 licence from

AuthorAlexander Brenning and Donovan Bangs
Date of publication2016-01-05 09:34:50
MaintainerAlexander Brenning <>
LicenseGPL-2 | file LICENSE

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Man pages

centervalue: Pick Center Value from Matrix Convert file name to variable name

focal.function: Local and Focal Grid Functions

grid.predict: Helper function for applying predict methods to stacks of... Convert Grid Matrix to (x,y,z) data.frame

landslides: Landslide Inventory and DEM

match.arg.ext: Extended Argument Matching

multi.focal.function: Local and Focal Grid Function with Multiple Grids as Inputs

pick.from.points: Pick Variable from Spatial Dataset

read.ascii.grid: Read/write ASCII, SAGA and Rd Grid Files

relative.position: Relative Topographic Position

resid.median: Residual Median and Quantile Filters for Grids Add Grid Values to Point Shapefile

rsaga.close.gaps: SAGA Modules Close Gaps and Close One Cell Gaps

rsaga.contour: Contour Lines from a Grid

rsaga.copy.sgrd: Create a copy of a SAGA grid file

rsaga.default.path: Determine SAGA GIS default paths

rsaga.env: Set up the RSAGA Geoprocessing Environment Convert ESRI ASCII/binary grids to SAGA grids

rsaga.esri.wrapper: Use RSAGA functions for ESRI grids

rsaga.fill.sinks: Fill Sinks

rsaga.filter.gauss: Gauss Filter

rsaga.filter.simple: Simple Filters

rsaga.geoprocessor: Generic R interface for SAGA modules

rsaga.get.modules: Find SAGA libraries and modules

rsaga.get.usage: Usage of SAGA command line modules

rsaga.get.version: Determine SAGA GIS version

rsaga.grid.calculus: SAGA Module Grid Calculus Convert SAGA grid file to point shapefile

rsaga.hillshade: Analytical hillshading Analytical hillshading calculation. HTML help on a SAGA module or library

rsaga.import.gdal: Import Grid Files to SAGA grid format using GDAL

rsaga.insolation: Incoming Solar Radiation (Insolation)

rsaga.inverse.distance: Spatial Interpolation Methods

rsaga.lib.prefix: Determine prefix for SAGA GIS library names

rsaga.local.morphometry: Local Morphometry

RSAGA-package: RSAGA: SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R

rsaga.parallel.processing: Parallel Processing

rsaga.pisr: Potential incoming solar radiation

rsaga.pisr2: Potential incoming solar radiation SAGA 2.2.2+ Convert SAGA grids to ESRI ASCII/binary grids

rsaga.sink.removal: Sink Removal Remove sinks from a digital elevation model by...

rsaga.sink.route: Sink Drainage Route Detection

rsaga.slope.asp.curv: Slope, Aspect, Curvature Potential incoming solar radiation Define target grid for interpolation

rsaga.topdown.processing: Top-Down Processing

rsaga.wetness.index: SAGA Modules SAGA Wetness Index

set.file.extension: Determine or modify file name extensions

wind.shelter: Wind Shelter Index


centervalue Man page Man page
default.file.extension Man page
dem Man page
focal.function Man page
gapply Man page
get.file.extension Man page
grid.predict Man page Man page
internal.pick.from.ascii.grid Man page
landslides Man page
local.function Man page
match.arg.ext Man page
multi.focal.function Man page
multi.local.function Man page
pick.from.ascii.grid Man page
pick.from.ascii.grids Man page
pick.from.points Man page
pick.from.saga.grid Man page
pick.from.shapefile Man page
read.ascii.grid Man page
read.ascii.grid.header Man page
read.Rd.grid Man page
read.sgrd Man page
relative.position Man page
relative.rank Man page
resid.median Man page
resid.minmedmax Man page
resid.quantile Man page
resid.quartiles Man page Man page
rsaga.aspect Man page
rsaga.close.gaps Man page Man page
rsaga.contour Man page
rsaga.copy.sgrd Man page
rsaga.curvature Man page
rsaga.default.modules.path Man page
rsaga.default.path Man page
rsaga.env Man page Man page
rsaga.esri.wrapper Man page
rsaga.fill.sinks Man page
rsaga.filter.gauss Man page
rsaga.filter.simple Man page
rsaga.geoprocessor Man page
rsaga.get.lib.modules Man page
rsaga.get.libraries Man page
rsaga.get.modules Man page
rsaga.get.usage Man page
rsaga.get.version Man page
rsaga.grid.calculus Man page Man page Man page
rsaga.hillshade Man page Man page
rsaga.import.gdal Man page
rsaga.insolation Man page
rsaga.inverse.distance Man page
rsaga.lib.prefix Man page
rsaga.linear.combination Man page
rsaga.local.morphometry Man page
rsaga.modified.quadratic.shephard Man page
rsaga.module.exists Man page
rsaga.nearest.neighbour Man page
RSAGA-package Man page
rsaga.parallel.processing Man page
rsaga.pisr Man page
rsaga.pisr2 Man page
rsaga.plan.curvature Man page
rsaga.profile.curvature Man page Man page Man page
rsaga.sink.removal Man page
rsaga.sink.route Man page
rsaga.slope Man page
rsaga.slope.asp.curv Man page Man page Man page
rsaga.topdown.processing Man page
rsaga.triangulation Man page
rsaga.wetness.index Man page
set.file.extension Man page
wind.shelter Man page
wind.shelter.prep Man page
write.ascii.grid Man page
write.ascii.grid.header Man page
write.Rd.grid Man page
write.sgrd Man page


RSAGA/R/RSAGA-core.R RSAGA/R/gridtools.R RSAGA/R/landslides.R RSAGA/R/RSAGA-modules.R RSAGA/R/RSAGA-package.R RSAGA/R/RSAGA-utils.R
RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.get.modules.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.lib.prefix.Rd RSAGA/man/multi.focal.function.Rd RSAGA/man/read.ascii.grid.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.pisr.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.wetness.index.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.inverse.distance.Rd RSAGA/man/pick.from.points.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.sink.removal.Rd RSAGA/man/focal.function.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.local.morphometry.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.fill.sinks.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.filter.simple.Rd RSAGA/man/RSAGA-package.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.sink.route.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.hillshade.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.grid.calculus.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.get.version.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.default.path.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.insolation.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.esri.wrapper.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.slope.asp.curv.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.close.gaps.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.parallel.processing.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/match.arg.ext.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.env.Rd RSAGA/man/relative.position.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.get.usage.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.filter.gauss.Rd RSAGA/man/set.file.extension.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.copy.sgrd.Rd RSAGA/man/centervalue.Rd RSAGA/man/resid.median.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.topdown.processing.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.contour.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.import.gdal.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.geoprocessor.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.pisr2.Rd RSAGA/man/wind.shelter.Rd RSAGA/man/landslides.Rd RSAGA/man/grid.predict.Rd

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