RSAGA: SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R

Provides access to geocomputing and terrain analysis functions of the geographical information system (GIS) 'SAGA' (System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses) from within R by running the command line version of SAGA. This package furthermore provides several R functions for handling ASCII grids, including a flexible framework for applying local functions (including predict methods of fitted models) and focal functions to multiple grids. SAGA GIS is available under GPLv2 / LGPLv2 licence from

AuthorAlexander Brenning and Donovan Bangs
Date of publication2016-01-05 09:34:50
MaintainerAlexander Brenning <>
LicenseGPL-2 | file LICENSE

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Man pages

centervalue: Pick Center Value from Matrix Convert file name to variable name

focal.function: Local and Focal Grid Functions

grid.predict: Helper function for applying predict methods to stacks of... Convert Grid Matrix to (x,y,z) data.frame

landslides: Landslide Inventory and DEM

match.arg.ext: Extended Argument Matching

multi.focal.function: Local and Focal Grid Function with Multiple Grids as Inputs

pick.from.points: Pick Variable from Spatial Dataset

read.ascii.grid: Read/write ASCII, SAGA and Rd Grid Files

relative.position: Relative Topographic Position

resid.median: Residual Median and Quantile Filters for Grids Add Grid Values to Point Shapefile

rsaga.close.gaps: SAGA Modules Close Gaps and Close One Cell Gaps

rsaga.contour: Contour Lines from a Grid

rsaga.copy.sgrd: Create a copy of a SAGA grid file

rsaga.default.path: Determine SAGA GIS default paths

rsaga.env: Set up the RSAGA Geoprocessing Environment Convert ESRI ASCII/binary grids to SAGA grids

rsaga.esri.wrapper: Use RSAGA functions for ESRI grids

rsaga.fill.sinks: Fill Sinks

rsaga.filter.gauss: Gauss Filter

rsaga.filter.simple: Simple Filters

rsaga.geoprocessor: Generic R interface for SAGA modules

rsaga.get.modules: Find SAGA libraries and modules

rsaga.get.usage: Usage of SAGA command line modules

rsaga.get.version: Determine SAGA GIS version

rsaga.grid.calculus: SAGA Module Grid Calculus Convert SAGA grid file to point shapefile

rsaga.hillshade: Analytical hillshading Analytical hillshading calculation. HTML help on a SAGA module or library

rsaga.import.gdal: Import Grid Files to SAGA grid format using GDAL

rsaga.insolation: Incoming Solar Radiation (Insolation)

rsaga.inverse.distance: Spatial Interpolation Methods

rsaga.lib.prefix: Determine prefix for SAGA GIS library names

rsaga.local.morphometry: Local Morphometry

RSAGA-package: RSAGA: SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R

rsaga.parallel.processing: Parallel Processing

rsaga.pisr: Potential incoming solar radiation

rsaga.pisr2: Potential incoming solar radiation SAGA 2.2.2+ Convert SAGA grids to ESRI ASCII/binary grids

rsaga.sink.removal: Sink Removal Remove sinks from a digital elevation model by...

rsaga.sink.route: Sink Drainage Route Detection

rsaga.slope.asp.curv: Slope, Aspect, Curvature Potential incoming solar radiation Define target grid for interpolation

rsaga.topdown.processing: Top-Down Processing

rsaga.wetness.index: SAGA Modules SAGA Wetness Index

set.file.extension: Determine or modify file name extensions

wind.shelter: Wind Shelter Index

Files in this package

RSAGA/R/RSAGA-core.R RSAGA/R/gridtools.R RSAGA/R/landslides.R RSAGA/R/RSAGA-modules.R RSAGA/R/RSAGA-package.R RSAGA/R/RSAGA-utils.R
RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.get.modules.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.lib.prefix.Rd RSAGA/man/multi.focal.function.Rd RSAGA/man/read.ascii.grid.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.pisr.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.wetness.index.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.inverse.distance.Rd RSAGA/man/pick.from.points.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.sink.removal.Rd RSAGA/man/focal.function.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.local.morphometry.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.fill.sinks.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.filter.simple.Rd RSAGA/man/RSAGA-package.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.sink.route.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.hillshade.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.grid.calculus.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.get.version.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.default.path.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.insolation.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.esri.wrapper.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.slope.asp.curv.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.close.gaps.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.parallel.processing.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/match.arg.ext.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.env.Rd RSAGA/man/relative.position.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.get.usage.Rd RSAGA/man/ RSAGA/man/rsaga.filter.gauss.Rd RSAGA/man/set.file.extension.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.copy.sgrd.Rd RSAGA/man/centervalue.Rd RSAGA/man/resid.median.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.topdown.processing.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.contour.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.import.gdal.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.geoprocessor.Rd RSAGA/man/rsaga.pisr2.Rd RSAGA/man/wind.shelter.Rd RSAGA/man/landslides.Rd RSAGA/man/grid.predict.Rd

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