Man pages for RSauceLabs
R Wrapper for 'SauceLabs' REST API

accountCreate an account object
changeAccessKeyChange access key
createUserCreate a sub account
deleteJobDelete Job
deleteJobAssetsDelete Job Assets
deleteTunnelDelete Tunnel
getAppiumEolDatesGet Appium EOL dates
getJobAssetFilesGet Job Asset Files
getJobAssetNamesGet Job Asset Names
getJobsGet Jobs
getJsUnitTestStatusGet JS Unit Test Status
getListOfSiblingAccountsGet a list of sibling accounts
getListOfSubAccountsGet a list of sub accounts
getRealTimeJobActivityGet Real-Time Job Activity
getSauceLabsStatusGet Sauce Labs Status
getStoredFilesGet Stored Files
getSubAccountInformationGet information about a sub account
getSupportedPlatformsGet Supported Platforms
getTunnelsGet Tunnels
getUserAccess basic account information
getUserAccountUsageGet User Account Usage
getUserActivityGet User Activity
getUserConcurrencyCheck account concurrency limits
queryAPISend a query to SauceLabs.
startJsUnitTestsStart JS Unit Tests
stopJobStop Job
updateJobUpdate Job
uploadFileUpload File
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