Man pages for RStoolbox
Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis

classifyQAClassify Landsat QA bands
cloudMaskSimple Cloud Detection
cloudShadowMaskCloud Shadow Masking for Flat Terrain
coregisterImagesImage to Image Co-Registration based on Mutual Information
decodeQADecode QA flags to bit-words
encodeQAEncode QA Conditions to Integers
estimateHazeEstimate Image Haze for Dark Object Subtraction (DOS)
fCoverFractional Cover Analysis
fortify.rasterFortify method for classes from the raster package.
getMetaExtract bandwise information from ImageMetaData
getValidationExtract validation results from superClass objects
ggRPlot RasterLayers in ggplot with greyscale
ggRGBCreate ggplot2 Raster Plots with RGB from 3 RasterLayers
histMatchImage to Image Contrast Matching
ImageMetaDataImageMetaData Class
lsatLandsat 5TM Example Data
mesmaMultiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (Spectral...
normImageNormalize Raster Images: Center and Scale
oneHotEncodeOne-hot encode a raster or vector
panSharpenPan Sharpen Imagery / Image Fusion
pifMatchPseudo-Invariant Features based Image Matching
predict.superClassPredict a raster map based on a superClass model fit.
predict.unsuperClassPredict a raster map based on a unsuperClass model fit.
radCorRadiometric Calibration and Correction
rasterCVAChange Vector Analysis
rasterEntropyMulti-layer Pixel Entropy
rasterPCAPrincipal Component Analysis for Rasters
readEETidy import tool for EarthExplorer .csv export files
readMetaRead Landsat MTL metadata files
readSLIRead ENVI spectral libraries
rescaleImageLinear Image Rescaling
rlogoRlogo as RasterBrick
rsOptsSet global options for RStoolbox
RStoolboxRStoolbox: A Collection of Remote Sensing Tools
samSpectral Angle Mapper
saveRSTBXSave and Read RStoolbox Classification Results
spectralIndicesSpectral Indices
srtmSRTM Digital Elevation Model
stackMetaImport separate Landsat files into single stack
superClassSupervised Classification
tasseledCapTasseled Cap Transformation
topCorTopographic Illumination Correction
unsuperClassUnsupervised Classification
validateMapMap accuracy assessment
writeSLIWrite ENVI spectral libraries
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