Man pages for RTOMO
Visualization for Seismic Tomography

FANCY.TOMOShow horizontal tomographic section layer by layer
get2DraybloxGet 2D block from model description and ray path
get3DraybloxGet blocks from 3D ray path
GXMA3DRead a geotouch image file
HEL1DOne dimensional velocity model for Mt. St. Helens
HELEQMount Saint Helens Earthquake Cluster associated with the...
HELMAPGeographic map of Mt. St. Helens Summit region
HELMODTomographic Model of Mt. Saint Helens subsurface
HELstaStation locations near Mt. Saint Helens, WA
HOZscaleadd horizontal color scale
jstatsstatistics of a vector
makeMODMake a 3D model
meshgridCreate a mesh grid like in Matlab
PLOT.TOMOXSECPlot a tomographic cross section
pltomoplot a layer in 3D tomogram
RTOMO-packagePlot and Interact with Tomographic Images
SHOWTOMOShow many layers of tomoggraphic model
TOMO3D.driveInteractive Exploration of 3D tomographic inversion
tomo.colorsTomography Colors
TOMOinfoDump tomogram information
TOMOXSECPlot Tomographic Cross Section
VEC2MODConvert representation of a 3D models
XSEC.driveInteractive Cross Section View
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