Man pages for RTaxometrics
Taxometric Analysis

AddVarianceAdds variance
AssignMAMBACAssigns variables to input/output for MAMBAC procedure
AssignMAXEIGAssigns variables to input/output for MAXEIG procedure
CalculateCCFICalculates CCFIs
CalculateCCFIsCalculates CCFIs for profiles
CalculateFitDensitiesCalculates fit
CalculateKurtosisCalculates kurtosis
CalculateLModeCCFICalculates L-Mode CCFI
CalculateMAMBACCalculates MAMBAC curve
CalculateMAXEIGCalculates MAXEIG curve
CalculateMAXSLOPECalculates MAXSLOPE curve
CalculateSkewCalculates skew
CalculateValidityCalculates Validity
CheckClassificationChecks classification
CheckDataChecks supplied data set
CheckParametersChecks parameters
ClassifyCasesAssigns cases to groups
CreateDataCreates a data set
CreateSampleCreates sample of data
CreateVariableCreates a variable
DisplayBaseRatesDisplays base rates
DisplayCCFIsCalculates and displays CCFIs
DisplayPanelsDisplays panels of graphs
DisplayProfilesPlots CCFI Profiles
DisplaySpecificationsDisplays analytic specifications
DisplayTextOutputDisplays CCFI profile output
EstimateLModeEstimates L-Mode base rate
EstimateMAMBACEstimates MAMBAC base rate
EstimateMAXEIGEstimates MAXEIG base rate
EstimateMAXSLOPEEstimates MAXSLOPE base rate
GenerateDataGenerates comparison data
PlotPanelPlots a panel of curves
ProcessProfileCalculates CCFIs and base rates for CCFI profile
RemoveMissingDataRemoves missing data
RunCCFIProfilePerforms taxometric analyses to generate a CCFI profile
RunFactorAnalysisPerforms factor analysis
RunLModePerforms L-Mode
RunProceduresRuns taxometric procedures for empirical data
RunProceduresCompRuns taxometric procedures for comparison data
RunTaxometricsTaxometric analysis for a sample of data
SummarizeDistSummarizes distribution
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