Man pages for RTaxometrics
Taxometric Analysis

AddVarianceAdds variance
AssignMAMBACAssigns variables to input/output for MAMBAC procedure
AssignMAXEIGAssigns variables to input/output for MAXEIG procedure
CalculateBaseRatesCalculates and returns base rate estimates for taxometric...
CalculateCCFICalculates CCFIs
CalculateCCFIsCalculates CCFIs for profiles
CalculateCCFIsProfileCalculates CCFIs for profiles
CalculateFitDensitiesCalculates fit
CalculateKurtosisCalculates kurtosis
CalculateLModeCCFICalculates L-Mode CCFI
CalculateMAMBACCalculates MAMBAC curve
CalculateMAXEIGCalculates MAXEIG curve
CalculateMAXSLOPECalculates MAXSLOPE curve
CalculateProfileOutputProvides aggregated CCFIs and base rate estimates for CCFI...
CalculateSkewCalculates skew
CalculateValidityCalculates Validity
CheckClassificationChecks classification
CheckDataChecks supplied data set
CheckParametersChecks parameters
ClassifyCasesAssigns cases to groups
CreateDataCreates a data set
CreateSampleCreates sample of data
CreateVariableCreates a variable
DisplayPanelsDisplays panels of graphs
DisplayProfilesPlots CCFI Profiles
EstimateLModeEstimates L-Mode base rate
EstimateMAMBACEstimates MAMBAC base rate
EstimateMAXEIGEstimates MAXEIG base rate
EstimateMAXSLOPEEstimates MAXSLOPE base rate
GenerateDataGenerates comparison data
GetSpecificationsProvides analytic specifications
PlotPanelPlots a panel of curves
ProcessProfileCalculates CCFIs and base rates for CCFI profile
RemoveMissingDataRemoves missing data
RunCCFIProfilePerforms taxometric analyses to generate a CCFI profile
RunFactorAnalysisPerforms factor analysis
RunLModePerforms L-Mode
RunProceduresRuns taxometric procedures for empirical data
RunProceduresCompRuns taxometric procedures for comparison data
RunTaxometricsTaxometric analysis for a sample of data
SummarizeDistSummarizes distribution
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