Man pages for RVerbalExpressions
Create Regular Expressions Easily

pipePipe operator
rxConstructs a Verbal Expression
rx_alnumMatch alphanumeric characters.
rx_alphaMatch alphabetic characters.
rx_any_ofMatch any of these characters exactly once.
rx_anythingMatch any character(s) any (including zero) number of times.
rx_anything_butMatch any character(s) except these any (including zero)...
rx_avoidNegative lookaround functions
rx_begin_captureBegin a capture group.
rx_digitMatch a digit (0–9).
rx_either_ofAlternatively, match either expression.
rx_end_captureEnd a capture group.
rx_end_of_lineMatch the expression only if it appears till the end of the...
rx_findMatch an expression.
rx_line_breakMatch a line break.
rx_lowercaseMatch lower case letters.
rx_maybeOptionally match an expression.
rx_multipleMatch the previous group any number of times.
rx_none_or_moreMatch the previous stuff zero or many times.
rx_notEnsure that the parameter does not follow.
rx_one_or_moreMatch the previous stuff one or more times.
rx_punctuationMatch punctuation characters.
rx_rangeMatch any character within the range defined by the...
rx_seekPositive lookaround functions
rx_somethingMatch any character(s) at least once.
rx_something_butMatch any character(s) except these at least once.
rx_spaceMatch a space character.
rx_start_of_lineMatch the expression only if it appears from beginning of...
rx_tabMatch a tab character.
rx_uppercaseMatch upper case letters.
rx_whitespaceMatch a whitespace character.
rx_with_any_caseControl case-insensitive matching.
rx_wordMatch a word.
rx_word_charMatch a word character.
rx_word_edgeFind beginning or end of a word.
sanitizeEscape characters expected special by regex engines
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