RViennaCL: ViennaCL Headers for R

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This package provides R with access to ViennaCL header files. ViennaCL provides a free C++ source library for simple computing on multi-core architectures (GPU, MIC) and multi-core CPUs. The library supports CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP. It also includes BLAS level 1-3 support and linear algebra solvers.

This package aims to provide a simple means of linking to the ViennaCL header files for use among CRAN packages. Similar to the popular R package BH, by placing these libraries in this package, we offer a more efficient distribution system for CRAN as replication of this code in the sources of other packages is avoided.

It can be used via the LinkingTo: field in the DESCRIPTION field of an R package --- and the R package infrastructure tools will then know how to set include flags correctly on all architectures supported by R.

Note that this is only for the header only aspects of this package. If you wish to link against the libviennacl shared object, you must create this file separately and link against it.


Charles Determan Jr.

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