Man pages for RXMCDA
Functions to Parse and Create XMCDA Files

checkXSDXMCDA tree validation.
getAlternativesAffectationsGet alternative affectations
getAlternativesComparisonsGet comparisons of alternatives
getAlternativesComparisonsLabelsGet comparisons of alternatives
getAlternativesComparisonsValuesGet alternatives comparisons values
getAlternativesIDsGet IDs of alternatives
getAlternativesIntervalValuesGet interval values related to alternatives
getAlternativesValuesGet values related to alternatives
getCategoriesIDsGet IDs of categories
getCategoriesIntervalValuesGet interval values related to categories
getCategoriesValuesGet values related to categories
getCriteriaComparisonsGet comparisons of criteria
getCriteriaComparisonsLabelsGet comparisons of alternatives
getCriteriaIDsGet IDs of criteria
getCriteriaIntervalValuesGet interval values related to criteria
getCriteriaPairsComparisonsGet comparisons of pairs of criteria
getCriteriaPairsIntervalValuesGet interval values related to pairs of criteria
getCriteriaPairsValuesGet values related to pairs of criteria
getCriteriaValuesGet values related to criteria
getMobiusCapacitiesGet Mobius capacities
getNumberOfAlternativesGet number of alternatives
getNumberOfCategoriesGet number of categories
getNumberOfCriteriaGet number of criteria
getNumericValueGet a numeric value
getParametersGet parameters
getPerformanceTablesGet performance tables
putAlternativesAffectationsPuts alternative affectations
putAlternativesAffectationsWithValuesPuts alternative affectations with values
putAlternativesComparisonsLabelsPut comparisons of alternatives
putAlternativesIDsPut ids of alternatives
putAlternativesPlotPut plot in base64 related to alternatives
putAlternativesValuesPut values related to alternatives
putAlternativeValuePut a value related to an alternative
putCapacityPut a capacity
putCategoriesIntervalValuesPut interval values related to categories
putCategoriesValuesPut values related to categories
putCriteriaMatrixPuts values in a criteria matrix
putCriteriaPairsValuesPut values related to pairs of criteria
putCriteriaPlotPut a plot in base64 related to criteria
putCriteriaValuesPut values related to criteria
putCriterionValuePut a value related to a criterion
putErrorMessagePut an error message
putLogMessagePut a log message
putMessagePut a message
putPerformanceTablePut a performance table in the XMCDA tree
putPointsCriterionFunctionPut value functions defined by sets of points
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