Ramble: Parser Combinator for R

Parser generator for R using combinatory parsers. It is inspired by combinatory parsers developed in Haskell.

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AuthorChapman Siu
Date of publication2016-10-29 10:48:13
MaintainerChapman Siu <chpmn.siu@gmail.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

Alpha: Alpha checks for single alphabet character

AlphaNum: AlphaNum checks for a single alphanumeric character

alt: 'alt' combinator is similar to alternation in BNF. the parser...

Digit: Digit checks for single digit

grapes-alt-grapes: '%alt%' is the infix notation for the 'alt' function.

grapes-then-grapes: '%then%' is the infix operator for the then combinator.

grapes-thentree-grapes: '%thentree%' is the infix operator for the then combinator,...

grapes-using-grapes: '%using%' is the infix operator for using

ident: 'ident' is a parser which matches zero or more alphanumeric...

identifier: 'identifier' creates an identifier

item: 'item' is a parser that consumes the first character of the...

literal: 'literal' is a parser for single symbols. It will attempt to...

Lower: Lower checks for single lower case character

many: 'many' matches 0 or more of pattern 'p'. In BNF notation,...

maybe: 'maybe' matches 0 or 1 of pattern 'p'. In EBNF notation,...

nat: 'nat' is a parser which matches one or more numeric...

natural: 'natural' creates a token parser for natural numbers

Ramble: Ramble is a parser generator using combinatory parsers.

satisfy: 'satisfy' is a function which allows us to make parsers that...

some: 'some' matches 1 or more of pattern 'p'. in BNF notation,...

space: 'space' matches zero or more space characters.

SpaceCheck: SpaceCheck checks for a single space character

String: 'String' is a combinator which allows us to build parsers...

succeed: 'succeed' is based on the empty string symbol in the BNF...

symbol: 'symbol' creates a token for a symbol

then: 'then' combinator corresponds to sequencing in BNF. The...

thentree: 'thentree' keeps the full tree representation of the results...

token: 'token' is a new primitive that ignores any space before and...

Unlist: Unlist is the same as unlist, but doesn't recurse all the way...

Upper: Upper checks for a single upper case character

using: 'using' combinator allows us to manipulate results from a...


Alpha Man page
AlphaNum Man page
alt Man page
\%alt\% Man page
Digit Man page
ident Man page
identifier Man page
item Man page
literal Man page
Lower Man page
many Man page
maybe Man page
nat Man page
natural Man page
package-ramble Man page
ramble Man page
Ramble Man page
Ramble-package Man page
satisfy Man page
some Man page
space Man page
SpaceCheck Man page
String Man page
succeed Man page
symbol Man page
then Man page
\%then\% Man page
thentree Man page
\%thentree\% Man page
token Man page
Unlist Man page
Upper Man page
using Man page
\%using\% Man page

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