Man pages for RapidPolygonLookup
Polygon lookup using kd trees

AddRangesAdd xlim and ylim for each polygon
california.tract10Census Tract spatial polygons for the state of California
CropSpatialPolygonsDataFrameCrop polygons to bounding box and adds polygon centers
DiagnoseFailureVisualize points that could not be mapped using...
FindPolygonInRangesUse range-search to map points to polygon.
RapidPolygonLookupEfficient spatial polygon search using kd-trees.
RapidPolygonLookup-packagePolygon lookup using kd trees
SearchForPolygonUse kd-trees to search the nearest neighbour polygons for a...
sf.crime.2012Sample data with lat/long information
sf.polysSpatial polygons of San Francisco
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