Man pages for Raquifer
Estimate the Water Influx into Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

aquifer_paramA list object for aquifer prameters
aquifer_predictGeneric function for cumulative water influx predictions
aquifer_predict.fetk_lin_bottomS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_predict.fetk_lin_edgeS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_predict.fetk_rad_edgeS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_predict.nb_lin_bottomS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_predict.nb_lin_edgeS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_predict.veh_rad_edgeS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_predict.ykh_rad_bottomS3 method for class 'aquifer_predict'
aquifer_timeA list object of class 'time' for aquifer models
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