blpConnect: Establish connection to Bloomberg service

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blpConnectR Documentation

Establish connection to Bloomberg service


This function connects to the Bloomberg API


blpConnect(host = getOption("blpHost", "localhost"),
  port = getOption("blpPort", 8194L), default = TRUE,
  appName = getOption("blpAppName", NULL))



A character option with either a machine name that is resolvable by DNS, or an IP address. Defaults to ‘localhost’.


An integer variable with the connection port. Default to 8194L.


A logical indicating whether this connection should be saved as the default, as opposed to returned to the user. Default to TRUE.


the name of an application that is authorized to connect to bpipe. If this is NULL Rblpapi connects to the Bloomberg API but cannot authenticate with an app name. This requires the user to authenticate with a user uuid.


For both host and port argument, default values can also be specified via options using, respectively, the named entries blpHost and blpConnect.

If an additional option blpAutoConnect is set to ‘TRUE’, a connection is established in the .onAttach() function and stored in the package environment. This effectively frees users from having to explicitly create such an object.


In the default=TRUE case nothing is returned, and this connection is automatically used for all future calls which omit the con argument. Otherwise a connection object is returned which is required by all the accessor functions in the package.


Whit Armstrong and Dirk Eddelbuettel

See Also

Many SAPI and bPipe connections require authentication via blpAuthenticate after blpConnect.


## Not run: 
  con <- blpConnect()   # adjust as needed

## End(Not run)

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