Man pages for RcmdrMisc
R Commander Miscellaneous Functions

assignClusterAppend a Cluster Membership Variable to a Dataframe
BarplotBar Plots
binnedCountsBinned Frequency Distributions of Numeric Variables
bin.varBin a Numeric Varisible
colPercentsRow, Column, and Total Percentage Tables
DeltaMethodConfidence Intervals by the Delta Method
discreteCountsFrequency Distributions of Numeric Variables
discretePlotPlot Distribution of Discrete Numeric Variable
DotplotDot Plots
gumbelThe Gumbel Distribution
HistPlot a Histogram
indexplotIndex Plots
KMeansK-Means Clustering Using Multiple Random Seeds
lineplotPlot a one or more lines.
mergeRowsFunction to Merge Rows of Two Data Frames.
normalityTestNormality Tests
numSummarySummary Statistics for Numeric Variables
partial.corPartial Correlations
piechartDraw a Piechart With Percents or Counts in the Labels
plotBootPlot Bootstrap Distributions
plotDistrPlot a probability density, mass, or distribution function.
plotMeansPlot Means for One or Two-Way Layout
rcorr.adjustCompute Pearson or Spearman Correlations with p-Values
readSASRead a SAS b7dat Data Set
readSPSSRead an SPSS Data Set
readStataRead a Stata Data Set
readXLRead an Excel File
reliabilityReliability of a Composite Scale
repeatedMeasuresPlotPlot Means for Repeated-Measures ANOVA Designs
reshapeL2WReshape Repeated-Measures Data from Long to Wide Format
reshapeW2LReshape Repeated-Measures Data from Wide to Long Format
stepwiseStepwise Model Selection
summarySandwichLinear Model Summary with Sandwich Standard Errors
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