RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats: R Commander Plug-in for MPA Statistics

Extends R Commander with a unified menu of new and pre-existing statistical functions related to public management and policy analysis statistics. Functions and menus have been renamed according to the usage in PMGT 630 in the Master of Public Administration program at Brigham Young University.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorAndrew Heiss, Richard Payne, Christa Schank, Jessica Reese
Date of publication2016-05-14 00:33:13
MaintainerAndrew Heiss <andrew@andrewheiss.com>
LicenseGPL (> 2)

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checkStructure Man page
chiSquareWords Man page
confintBinomial Man page
confintBinomial2 Man page
confintBinomialWords Man page
confintContinuous Man page
confintContinuous2 Man page
confintContinuousWords Man page
confintPoisson Man page
DataframeSummary Man page
distdiagnostics Man page
distnormal Man page
DistWords Man page
DistWords2 Man page
factorChange Man page
generalizedLinearModel2 Man page
independentSamplesTTest2 Man page
independentSamplesTTestWords Man page
KruskalWallisTest2 Man page
kruskalWallisWords Man page
linearModel2 Man page
logitWords Man page
multipleRegressionWords Man page
ologitWords Man page
oneWayAnova2 Man page
ordinalRegressionModel.ordinal Man page
ordinalRegressionModelOrdinal2 Man page
pairedTTest2 Man page
pairedTTestWords Man page
pairedWilcoxonTest2 Man page
printConfint Man page
RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats Man page
RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats-package Man page
resetclm Man page
resetGLM Man page
resetLinearModel Man page
sclmP Man page
singleProportionTest2 Man page
singleProportionTestWords Man page
singleSampleTTest2 Man page
singleTTestWords Man page
summarizeDataframe Man page
twoSampleProportionsTest2 Man page
twoSampleProportionsTestWords Man page
twoSampleWilcoxonTest2 Man page
twoWayTable2 Man page
wilcoxonMannWhitneyWords Man page
wilcoxonWords Man page
wordsAnova Man page

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