Man pages for RcppCWB
'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'Corpus Workbench' ('CWB')

check_pkg_registry_filesCheck Paths in Registry Files
checksCheck Input to Rcpp Functions.
cl_attribute_sizeGet Attribute Size (of Positional/Structural Attribute).
cl_charset_nameGet charset of a corpus.
cl_delete_corpusDrop loaded corpus.
cl_lexicon_sizeGet Lexicon Size.
cqp_initializeInitialize Corpus Query Processor (CQP).
cqp_list_corporaList Available CWB Corpora.
cqp_queryExecute CQP Query and Retrieve Results.
cwb_utilsCWB Tools for Creating Corpora
get_cbow_matrixGet CBOW Matrix.
get_count_vectorGet Vector with Counts for Positional Attribute.
get_pkg_registryGet Registry Directory Within Package
get_region_matrixGet Matrix with Regions for Strucs.
ids_to_count_matrixPerform Count for Vector of IDs.
p_attributesUsing Positional Attributes.
RcppCWB-packgeRcpp Bindings for the Corpus Workbench (CWB).
region_matrix_opsGet IDs and Counts for Region Matrices.
s_attribute_decodeDecode Structural Attribute.
s_attributesUsing Structural Attributes.
use_tmp_registryUse Temporary Registry
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