rhiredis: Rcpp module using hiredis library to connect R to Redis

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The Redis module is created using Rcpp modules and wraps a minimal class Redis around an Redis connection context object which permits bi-directional communication with a Redis in-memory database.

New instances can be created using either a default constructor (using localhost and the default port) and either host and port, or just the host.

Currently, the module has just one worker command which sends a string to the Redis instance and returns a string.

The helper functions serializeToChar() and unserializeFromChar convert R objects to/from a character representation (and internalize the conversion from raw to char representation at the compiled level). The helper functions serializeToRaw() and unserializeFromRaw convert R objects to/from raw vectors.


Please consult the Redis documentation for details on the available commands. See the Rcpp-modules vignette for details on Rcpp modules.


Dirk Eddelbuettel [email protected]

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