RcppRoll: Efficient Rolling / Windowed Operations

Provides fast and efficient routines for common rolling / windowed operations. Routines for the efficient computation of windowed mean, median, sum, product, minimum, maximum, standard deviation and variance are provided.

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AuthorKevin Ushey
Date of publication2015-04-05 01:21:30
MaintainerKevin Ushey <kevinushey@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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get_rollit_source Man page
RcppRoll Man page
RcppRoll-exports Man page
RcppRoll-package Man page
rollit Man page
rollit_example Man page
rollit_raw Man page
roll_max Man page
roll_maxl Man page
roll_maxr Man page
roll_mean Man page
roll_meanl Man page
roll_meanr Man page
roll_median Man page
roll_medianl Man page
roll_medianr Man page
roll_min Man page
roll_minl Man page
roll_minr Man page
roll_prod Man page
roll_prodl Man page
roll_prodr Man page
roll_sd Man page
roll_sdl Man page
roll_sdr Man page
roll_sum Man page
roll_suml Man page
roll_sumr Man page
roll_var Man page
roll_varl Man page
roll_varr Man page

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