Man pages for Rd
Rd Manipulation and Creation

aliasesInternal Utilities These utilities are used internally and...
is_Rd_newlineCheck if an element is a newline
piecesRd Pieces
RdConstruct an Rd container
Rd_cCombine Rd elements
Rd_canonizeRd Canonical Form
Rd_clean_indentCheck and clean an indent string
Rd_compactCompact a list into an Rd vector
Rd-extractionExtract elements from Rd containers These functions can be...
Rd_indentIndent Rd
Rd_linesCombine with line breaks
Rd_splitSplit a rd object into relevant lines.
Rd_string_creationRd String Construction
Rd_tagCreate an Rd tag container
shortcutsConvenience Construction Shortcuts.
testing-RdTesting Rd types These provide methods for testing if an...
toRdConvert an object to Rd
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