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Convert Rd to roxygen documentation and utilities to enhance documentation and building packages


This package contains functions to convert Rd to roxygen documentation. It can parse an Rd file to a list (parse_file), create the roxygen documentation (create_roxygen) and update the original R script (e.g. the one containing the definition of the function) accordingly (Rd2roxygen). This package also provides utilities which can help developers build packages using roxygen more easily (rab).


There is no guarantee to generate perfect roxygen comments that can be converted back to the original Rd files. Usually manual manipulations on the roxygen comments are required. For example, currently '@S3method' is not included in the comments, and '@rdname' is not supported either (users have to move the roxygen comments around and add the appropriate tags by themselves). Patches (as pull requests) are welcome through GitHub: https://github.com/yihui/Rd2roxygen/.

This package is not thoroughly tested, so it is likely that it fails to convert certain parts of Rd files to roxygen comments. As mentioned before, you have to manually deal with these problems. You are welcome to report other serious issues via https://github.com/yihui/Rd2roxygen/issues.


Hadley Wickham and Yihui Xie

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## see the package vignette: vignette('Rd2roxygen')

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