Man pages for Rdrools
A Rules Engine Based on 'Drools'

changecolnamesInRulesStandardize column names for passing to the rule engine
classSample data of students' grades
executeRulesOnDatasetRun a set of rules on a dataset
formatOutputFormat output into required format
getConditionForMultiGroupByGet rules for group by conditions
getDrlForFilterRulesDRL rules for Fiter condition
getDrlForRowwiseRulesDRL format for rules to be applied row-wise
getrequiredColumnsGet the required columns for rule checking
irisRulesSample rules for iris dataset
rulesSample rules in DRL format
rulesSessionDrlCreates a session of the rules engine
ruleToCompareColumnsGet DRL rules for comparing columns
runRulesDrlApply a set of rule transformations to a data frame
transactionDataSample transaction data
transactionRulesSample rules for the sample transaction dataset...
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