Man pages for RecordLinkage
Record Linkage Functions for Linking and Deduplicating Data Sets

append-methodsConcatenate comparison patterns or classification results
classifySupvSupervised Classification
classifyUnsupUnsupervised Classification
cloneSerialization of record linkage object.
compareCompare Records
deleteNULLsRemove NULL Values
editMatchEdit Matching Status
emClassifyWeight-based Classification of Data Pairs
emWeightsCalculate weights
epiClassifyClassify record pairs with EpiLink weights
epiWeightsCalculate EpiLink weights
ffdf-classClass '"ffdf"'
ff_vector-classClass '"ff_vector"'
genSamplesGenerate Training Set
getErrorMeasures-methodsCalculate Error Measures
getExpectedSizeEstimate number of record pairs.
getFrequencies-methodsGet attribute frequencies
getMinimalTrainCreate a minimal training set
getPairsBackendBackend function for getPairs
getPairs-methodsExtract Record Pairs
getParetoThresholdEstimate Threshold from Pareto Distribution
getTable-methodsBuild contingency table
gpdEstEstimate Threshold from Pareto Distribution
internalsInternal functions and methods
isFALSECheck for FALSE
makeBlockingPairsCreate record pairs from blocks of ids.
mrlMean Residual Life Plot
mygllmGeneralized Log-Linear Fitting
optimalThresholdOptimal Threshold for Record Linkage
phoneticsPhonetic Code
RecLinkClassif-classClass "RecLinkClassif"
RecLinkData-classClass "RecLinkData"
RecLinkData.objectRecord Linkage Data Object
RecLinkResult-classClass "RecLinkResult"
RecLinkResult.objectRecord Linkage Result Object
resampleSafe Sampling
RLBigData-classClass "RLBigData"
RLBigData-constructorsConstructors for big data objects.
RLBigDataDedup-classClass "RLBigDataDedup"
RLBigDataLinkage-classClass "RLBigDataLinkage"
RLdataTest data for Record Linkage
RLResult-classClass "RLResult"
showShow a RLBigData object
splitDataSplit Data
stochasticStochastic record linkage.
strcmpString Metrics
subsetSubset operator for record linkage objects
summaryPrint Summary of Record Linkage Data
summary.RLBigDatasummary methods for '"RLBigData"' objects.
summary.RLResultSummary method for '"RLResult"' objects.
texSummaryLaTeX Summary of linkage results
trainSupvTrain a Classifier
unorderedPairsCreate Unordered Pairs
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