Man pages for RefManageR
Straightforward 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' Bibliography Management

as.BibEntryCoerce to a BibEntry object to a Data Frame
BibEntryEnhanced Bibliographic Entries
BibOptionsSet options/hooks for RefManageR
cash-.BibEntryExtract fields from a BibEntry object
cash-set-.BibEntryReplace values for a particular field in a BibEntry object
c.BibEntryCombine BibEntry objects.
CiteCite a BibEntry object in text and print all citations
FindBibEntryFind a search term in the specified field of a BibEntry...
GetBibEntryWithDOILookup a Bibtex entry using a Digital Object Identifier
GetDOIsSearch CrossRef for Document Object Identifiers for Given...
GetPubMedByIDRetrieve citation information from NCBI's Entrez for a set of...
GetPubMedRelatedRetrieve related articles from PubMed using PubMed ID's
head.BibEntryReturn the first or last part of a BibEntry object
levels.BibEntryExtract all fields present in a BibEntry object
LookupPubMedIDRetrieve PubMed ID's for a BibEntry object
merge.BibEntryMerge two BibEntry objects while discarding duplicates
names.BibEntryNames (keys) of a BibEntry object
open.BibEntryOpen BibEntry in PDF viewer or web browser.
print.BibEntryPrint BibLaTeX bibliography Entries
ReadBibBibLaTeX/BibTeX .bib file parser
ReadCrossRefSearch CrossRef for citations.
ReadGSImport book and article references from a public Google...
ReadPDFsCreate bibliographic information from PDF Metadata.
ReadPubMedSearch NCBI's E-Utilities for citation information
ReadZoteroGet Bibliography Information From a Zotero Library.
RefManageR-packageImport and Manage BibTeX and BibLaTeX references with...
SearchBibSearch BibEntry objects by field
sort.BibEntrySort a BibEntry Object
subset-.BibEntryUpdate Different Fields of Multiple Entries of a BibEntry...
sub-sub-.BibEntryExtract entries from a BibEntry object by index
sub-subset-.BibEntryAssign a BibEntry entry to another BibEntry object
toBiblatexConvert BibEntry objects to BibTeX or BibLaTeX
unlist.BibEntryFlatten and unflatten BibEntry objects
UpdateFieldNameRename a field in a BibEntry object.
WriteBibCreate a BibTeX File from a BibEntry Object e Creates a...
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