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className <- params$className
organizer <- params$organizer
packages <- sort(params$packages)

Live Training

This is an empty repo to initialize an R project for training courses organized by r organizer.


To get started run the following code to install the latest version of the necessary packages.

packages <- c('caret', 'coefplot','DBI', 'dbplyr', 'doParallel', 'dygraphs', 
              'foreach', 'ggthemes', 'glmnet', 'jsonlite', 'leaflet', 'odbc', 
              'recipes', 'rmarkdown', 'rprojroot', 'RSQLite', 'rvest', 
              'tidyverse', 'threejs', 'usethis', 'UsingR', 'xgboost', 'XML', 

packages <- `r sprintf("c(\n\t'%s'\n)", paste(packages, collapse="', \n\t'"))`

Project Structure

Making use of RStudio projects greatly improves the user experience. To facilitate this users should run the following code which will recreate this project on their computer. Be sure to select the positive prompts such as yes, yeah, etc.

newProject <- usethis::use_course('`r className`/archive/')

After that runs successfully you will have a new folder holding the R project that looks like this (the name in the image may be different).


If a new project did not open automatically, either double-click the file called r sprintf('%s.Rproj', className) or run the following line of code.


After running this code, or double-clicking that file, you will be in an RStudio Project called r className (the name in the image may be different). You can see this in the top right of RStudio.


Clone this Repo

Alternatively, if you use git then please clone this repo then open it as an RStudio Project.

Skip this step if you followed the instructions above.

# if using SSH
git clone`r className`.git

# if using https
git clone`r className`.git


Data for the class is kept at You can sign up for a free account or run the following code. This requires that you are using an RStudio Project setup exactly like this repo, which is done if you followed the preceding code.


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