Man pages for ReporteRs
Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents Generation

addCodeBlockAdd code block into a document object
addColumnBreakAdd a column break into a section
addDateInsert a date
addDocumentAdd an external document into a document object
addFlexTableInsert a FlexTable into a document object
addFooterInsert a footer into a document object
addFooter.pptxInsert a footer shape into a document pptx object
addFooterRowadd footer in a FlexTable
addHeaderRowadd header in a FlexTable
addImageAdd an external image into a document object
addPageBreakAdd a page break into a document object
addPageNumberInsert a page number into a document object
addPageNumber.pptxInsert a page number shape into a document pptx object
addParagraphAdd a paragraph into a document object
addParagraph.FootnoteInsert a paragraph into a Footnote object
addPlotAdd a plot into a document object
add.potadd a paraggraph to an existing set of paragraphs of text
addRScriptAdd R script into a document object
addSectionAdd a section into a document object
addSlideAdd a slide into a document object
addSubtitleAdd a subtitle shape into a document object
addTitleAdd a title
addTOCAdd a table of contents into a document object
as.FlexTableR tables as FlexTables
as.FlexTable.sessionInfoget FlexTable from a sessionInfo object
as.htmlget HTML code
as.html.FlexTableget HTML code from a FlexTable
as.html.potget HTML code from a pot
borderPropertiesborder properties object
cellPropertiesCell formatting properties
chpropChange a formatting properties object
chprop.FlexTableformat FlexTable
CodeBlockCode Block Object
colorPropertiescolor properties object
deleteBookmarkdelete a bookmark into a docx object
deleteBookmarkNextContentdelete first content after a bookmark into a docx object
docxCreate Microsoft Word document object representation
FlexCellCell object for FlexTable
FlexRowRow object for FlexTable
FlexRow-altermodify FlexRow content
FlexTableFlexTable creation
FlexTable-alteralter FlexTable content and format
FootnoteCreate a Footnote
is.colorcolor checking
knit_print.FlexTableFlexTable custom printing function for knitr
light.tablelight FlexTable shortcut
list_bookmarksList Bookmarks from a Word Document
list.settingsformat ordered and unordered lists
map_titlemap titles styles
office_web_viewerOffice Web Viewer
parPropertiesParagraph formatting properties
plus-.potpot concatenation
potPiece of Text (formated text)
pot_imgImage to be concatenate with pot object
pptxCreate Microsoft PowerPoint document object representation
print.FlexTablePrint FlexTables
print.Footnoteprint a Footnote
renderFlexTableFlexTable output for shiny
ReporteRs-packageReporteRs: a package to create document from R
RScriptRScript object
setColumnsColorsapplies background colors to columns of a FlexTable
setFlexTableBackgroundColorsapplies background colors to cells of a FlexTable
setFlexTableBorderschange grid lines of a FlexTable
setFlexTableWidthsset columns widths of a FlexTable
set_of_paragraphsSet of paragraphs of text
setRowsColorsapplies background colors to rows of a FlexTable
setZebraStyleFlexTable rows zebra striping
shortcut_propertiesshortcuts for formatting properties
slide.layoutsGet layout names of a document object
slide.layouts.pptxGet layout names of a pptx document
spanFlexTableColumnsSpan columns within rows
spanFlexTableRowsSpan rows within columns
stylesGet styles names of a document object
text_extractSimple Text Extraction From a Word Document
textPropertiesText formatting properties
toc.optionsSet TOC options
vanilla.tablevanilla FlexTable shortcut
writeDocWrite a document object
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