Man pages for RespirAnalyzer
Analysis Functions of Respiratory Data

DataAn example of respiratory data
find.peaksFunction to find the peak-to-peak intervals of a respiratory...
fit.modelFunction to fit the MFDFA result with the extended binomial...
GroupComparison.fnFunction to calculate the statistics for each Group
Groupplot.fnFunction to plot the mean and error bar by group
HqDataThe Hurst exponent of respiratory data
Individualplot.fnFunction to plot multiscale entropy or MFDFA results by...
LowPSDFunction to calculate the power spectral density (PSD)
MFDFAMultiFractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
MFDFAplot.fnFunction to plot the results of MFDFA analysis
MovingAverageFunction to calculate Moving Average of a series
MSEFunction to compute the multiscale entropy(MSE)
RespirAnalyzer-packageAnalysis Functions of Respiratory Data
Seriesplot.fnFunction to plot series data
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