Man pages for RestRserve
A Framework for Building HTTP API

ApplicationCreates application - RestRserve usage starts from here
ApplicationProcessCreates ApplicationProcess object
AuthBackendCreate AuthBackend
AuthBackendBasicBasic authorization backend
AuthBackendBearerBearer token authorization backend
AuthMiddlewareCreates authorization middleware object
BackendCreates Backend object
BackendRserveCreates Rserve backend for processing HTTP requests
ContentHandlersContent handlers collection
CORSMiddlewareCreates CORS middleware object
EncodeDecodeMiddlewareCreates EncodeDecodeMiddleware middleware object
ETagMiddlewareCreates ETag middleware object
HTTPDate-classHTTP Date class
HTTPErrorHelps to generate HTTP error responses
IDE-hintsrequest and reponse placeholders for IDE hints
LoggerSimple logging utility
MiddlewareCreates middleware object
openapiBuilds OpenAPI objects
raiseInterrupts request processing
RequestCreates Request object
ResponseCreates Response object
RestRserve-packageRestRserve: A Framework for Building HTTP API
RouterCreates Router object.
to_jsonSimple JSON encoder
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