Man pages for Rfit
Rank Estimation for Linear Models

allscoresAll Scores
baseballThe World Famous Baseball Data
bbsalariesBaseball Salaries
BoxCoxBox and Cox (1964) data.
CardioRiskFactorsCardiovascular risk factors
confintadjustConfidence interval adjustment methods
dispJaeckel's Dispersion Function
drop.testDrop (Reduction) in Dispersion Test
ffaFree Fatty Acid Data
getScoresDeriv-methods~~ Methods for Function getScoresDeriv ~~
getScores-methods~~ Methods for Function getScores ~~
gettauEstimate of the scale parameter tau
gradCalculate the Gradiant of Jaekel's Dispersion Function
jaeckelFunction to Minimize Jaeckel's Dispersion Function
kwayrInternal Functions for K-Way analysis of variance
oneway.rfitRank-based Oneway Analysis of Variance
param-classClass "param"
print.rfitRfit Internal Print Functions
quailQuail Data
rfitRank-based Estimates of Regression Coefficients
Rfit-packageRank-Based Estimates and Inference for Linear Models
rstudent.rfitStudentized Residuals for Rank-Based Regression
scores-classClass "scores"
serumLHSerum Level of luteinizing hormone (LH)
signedrankSigned-Rank Estimate of Location (Intercept)
summary.oneway.rfitProvides a summary for the oneway anova based on an R fit.
summary.rfitSummarize Rank-Based Linear Model Fits
taufuncsInternal Functions for Estimating tau
taustarEstimate of the Scale Parameter taustar
telephoneTelephone Data
vcov.rfitVariance-Covariance Matrix for Rank-Based Regression
wald.test.overallOverall Wald test
walshWalsh Averages
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