Man pages for Rgnuplot
R Interface for Gnuplot

GpCheckHandleCheck if the gnuplot session handle is valid
GpcloseClose a gnuplot session
GpcmdSend one or more commands to gnuplot
GpcolorhistogramPlot a color histogram
Gpcols2rowsconvert a file with columns to rows
GpdivergingColormapCreate diverging colormaps
GperrmsgGet gnuplot's error messages
Gpext2terminalDetermine a suitable terminal from a file extension
Gpfile2stringRead a text file to a string
GpfitAllprogressGet the value of all parameters from a stderr fit file
GpfitProgressGet the value of a parameter from a stderr fit file
GpgetfontpathGet gnuplot's additional directories, for fonts
GpgetloadpathGet gnuplot's additional directories, for data and scripts
GpgetvariableGet the value of a system or environment variable
GpgetwdGet gnuplot's working directory
GphShow gnuplot's help
GphexRGBRGB sequence, from decimal to hexadecimal, ready for gnuplot
GpimageCropSimple image manipulation
GpimageRgbchangeChange image colors
GpinitOpen a gnuplot session
GpinitSaveStderrInitialize gnuplot, save stderr to a log file
GpisWindowOpenCheck if an X11 window is opened
GpkillpidX11Kill X11 windows
Gpload.demoLoad .dem gnuplot files
GpmandelRecursive implementation of the Mandelbrot set function
GpmapMerparWork with vector files for plotting maps
Gpmath3dPlot3d plots like Mathematica
Gpmatrix2GimpPaletteWork with palette files
Gpmatrix2XYdataConverting a file to X, Y format
GpmatrixfilePadWorking with matrix and XY data files
Gpmatrixr2gnuSave R matrix in gnuplot format
GppausabletermDetermine if the current terminal can be paused in synch with...
GppausePauses the system
GppauseXPauses the system (X11)
GppidX11Get the pid from an X11 window
GpplotEquationPlot the curve of an equation in 2D
GpplotFunctionPlots an expression in one function call
GpplotOncePlots arrays in one function call
GpplotPolyFitPlots a polynomial fit in one function call
GpplotSlopePlots a slope
GpplotXPlot one list of doubles in 2D
GpplotXYPlot two list of doubles in 2D
GpPNG2colorConvert PNG to text
GpPNG4DEMConvert PNG plus DEM to text
GpR2plotSave 2D R to gnuplot
GpR2splotSave 3D R to gnuplot
GpresetplotReset the session
GpRGB2imageWork with RGB data
Gprunexecutes gnuplot code directly
GpsetfontpathSet gnuplot's additional directories, for fonts
GpsetloadpathSet gnuplot's additional directories, for data and scripts
GpsetstyleSet the plotting style
GpsetTermList or change gnuplot's current terminal
GpsetvariableSet a system or environment variable
GpsetwdSet gnuplot working directory
GpsetXlabelSet the x-axis label
GpsetYlabelSet the y-axis label
GpshowDatafileBinaryFiletypesList gnuplot's RGB binary types
GpshowtermGet gnuplot's current terminal
GpSHP2gnuWork with shapefiles
GpsplotPlots an expression in 3D with one function call
GpURL2stringRead a text file from the web to a string
GpversionGet the gnuplot version
GpWindowStatusStatus of an X11 window
GpwriteMultiCsvWrite multi column CSV file
GpwriteXcsvWrite single column CSV file
GpwriteXYcsvWrite double column CSV file
GpX11PresentCheck for X11 in the system
sOpString concatenation operator
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