Man pages for RgoogleMaps
Overlays on Static Maps

AddAlphaadd alpha level to color that lacks one
bubbleMapCreate a bubble plot of spatial data on Google Maps
ColorMapPlot Levels of a Variable in a Colour-Coded Map
columbusColumbus OH spatial analysis data set
degreeAxisaxis with degrees
DF2SpatialPointsDataFramechange data.frame to SpatialPointsDataFrame
genStaticMapgenerates a "static map" from map tiles by "stitching" them...
geosphere_mercatorTransform longitude/latiude points to the Mercator...
GetBingMapdownload a static map from the Microsoft map tile server
getGeoCodegeocoding utility
GetMapdownload a static map from the Google server
GetMap.bboxGetMap bbox
GetMapTilesdownload map tiles from specified map tile servers such as...
GetOsmMapQuery the Open Street Map server for map tiles instead of...
IdentifyPointsidentify points by clicking on map
incidentsSan Francisco crime data
LatLon2XYcomputes the coordinate transformation from lat/lon to map...
LatLon2XY.centeredcomputes the centered coordinate transformation from lat/lon...
MapBackgroundget static Map from the Google server
MaxZoomcomputes the maximum zoom level which will contain the given...
mypolygonsimple wrapper function to plot colored polygons
NumTilescomputes the necessary number of tiles from a bounding box...
NYleukemiaUpstate New York Leukemia Data
osmtile_bboxcompute the bounding box of an OpenStreetmap tile
pennLCPennsylvania Lung Cancer
PlotArrowsOnStaticMapplots arrows or segments on map
plotmapeasy to use wrapper function
PlotOnMapTilesplots on map tiles by "stitching" them together
PlotOnStaticMapoverlays plot on background image of map tile
plotOSMplots OSM map tiles
plotOSMtileplots a single OSM tile
PlotPolysOnStaticMapplots polygons on map
qbboxcomputes bounding box
ReadMapTileRead a bitmap image stored in the PNG format
RGB2GRAYtranslates an RGB image matrix to gray scale
SpatialToPBSconverts spatial objects as defined in package sp to simpler...
TextOnStaticMapplots text on map
Tile2Rsimple utility to offset and scale XY coordinates with...
updateusrUpdates the 'usr' coordinates in the current plot.
XY2LatLoncomputes the centered coordinate transformation from lat/lon...
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