Man pages for Rlabkey
Data Exchange Between R and 'LabKey' Server

getFolderPathReturns the folder path associated with a session
getLookupsGet related data fields that are available to include in a...
getRowsRetrieve data from LabKey Server
getSchemaReturns an object representing a LabKey schema
getSessionCreates and returns a LabKey Server session
labkey.acceptSelfSignedCertsConvenience method to configure Rlabkey connections to accept...
labkey.curlOptionsReturns the current set of Curl options that are being used...
labkey.deleteRowsDelete rows of data from a LabKey database
labkey.domain.createCreate a new LabKey domain
labkey.domain.createAndLoadCreate a new LabKey domain and load data
labkey.domain.createDesignHelper function to create a domain design data structure
labkey.domain.dropDelete a LabKey domain
labkey.domain.getReturns the metadata for an existing LabKey domain
labkey.domain.inferFieldsInfer field metadata from a data frame
labkey.domain.saveUpdates an existing LabKey domain
labkey.executeSqlRetrieve data from a LabKey Server using SQL commands
labkey.getDefaultViewDetailsRetrieve the fields of a LabKey query view
labkey.getFoldersRetrieve a list of folders accessible to the current user
labkey.getLookupDetailsRetrieve detailed information on a LabKey query
labkey.getQueriesRetrieve a list of available queries for a specified LabKey...
labkey.getQueryDetailsRetrieve detailed information on a LabKey query
labkey.getQueryViewsRetrieve a list of available named views defined on a query...
labkey.getSchemasRetrieve a list of available schemas from a labkey database
labkey.importRowsImport rows of data into a LabKey Server
labkey.insertRowsInsert new rows of data into a LabKey Server
labkey.makeRemotePathBuild a file path to data on a remote machine
labkey.rstudio.initReportInitialize a RStudio session for LabKey R report source...
labkey.rstudio.isInitializedCheck valid rlabkey session
labkey.rstudio.saveReportUpdate RStudio report source back to LabKey
labkey.saveBatchSave an assay batch object to a labkey database
labkey.selectRowsRetrieve data from a labkey database
labkey.setCurlOptionsModify the current set of Curl options that are being used in...
labkey.setDebugModeHelper function to enable/disable debug mode.
labkey.setDefaultsSet the default parameters used for all http or https...
labkey.updateRowsUpdate existing rows of data in a labkey database
lsFoldersList the available folder paths
lsProjectsList the projects available at a given LabKey Server address
lsSchemasList the available schemas
makeFilterBuilds filters to be used in labkey.selectRows and getRows
Rlabkey-packageExchange data between LabKey Server and R
RlabkeyUsersGuideOpen the Rlabkey Users Guide
saveResultsReturns an object representing a LabKey schema
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