Man pages for Rlda
Bayesian LDA for Mixed-Membership Clustering Analysis

birdsBreeding Bird Survey
complaintsComplaints received for the **Bureau of Consumer Financial...
fast_bernoulliLDA with bernoulli entry and Stick-Breaking prior.
fishnetLatitude and Longitude Fishnet dataset.
generateBernoulliLDASimulates a Bernoulli LDA.
generateBinomialLDASimulates a Binomial LDA.
generateMultinomialLDASimulates a Multinomial LDA.
getPhiProvide Phi information.
getThetaProvide Theta information.
LandsatLandsat TM 5 imagery from 2010 of the Iquitos-Nauta road in...
lda_bernoulliLDA with bernoulli entry and Stick-Breaking prior.
lda_bernoulliMHLDA with bernoulli entry with Metropolis-Hasting.
lda_binomialLDA with binomial entry and Stick-Breaking prior.
lda_binomialMHLDA with binomial with Metropolis-Hasting.
lda_binomialVBLDA with binomial entry and Stick-Breaking prior and...
lda_multinomialLDA with multinomial entry and Stick-Breaking prior.
LocationsBirdsID variable Latitude and Longitude Locations for Birds...
logLikProvide the log-likelihood for the rlda object.
plotplot method for rlda object
predictProvide predictions to the Binomial entry.
presenceSpecies Presence/Absence Data
printPrint information with respect to the model.
rlda2mcmcConversion between rlda to mcmc object from coda package
sp500Daily transactions Sp500
summaryProvide summary information.
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