Rmpi: Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)

An interface (wrapper) to MPI APIs. It also provides interactive R manager and worker environment.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorHao Yu
Date of publication2016-06-02 15:11:45
MaintainerHao Yu <hyu@stats.uwo.ca>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

hosts: Hosts Information

internal: Internal functions

mpi.abort: MPI\_Abort API

mpi.apply: Scatter an array to slaves and then apply a FUN

mpi.barrier: MPI\_Barrier API

mpi.bcast: MPI\_Bcast API

mpi.bcast.cmd: Extension of MPI\_Bcast API

mpi.bcast.Robj: Extensions of MPI\_Bcast API

mpi.cart.coords: MPI\_Cart\_coords

mpi.cart.create: MPI\_Cart\_create

mpi.cartdim.get: MPI\_Cartdim\_get

mpi.cart.get: MPI\_Cart\_get

mpi.cart.rank: MPI\_Cart\_rank

mpi.cart.shift: MPI\_Cart\_shift

mpi.comm: MPI\_Comm\_c2f, MPI\_Comm\_dup, MPI\_Comm\_rank, and...

mpi.comm.disconnect: MPI\_Comm\_disconnect API

mpi.comm.free: MPI\_Comm\_free API

mpi.comm.inter: MPI\_Comm\_get\_parent, MPI\_Comm\_remote\_size,...

mpi.comm.set.errhandler: MPI\_Comm\_set\_errhandler API

mpi.comm.spawn: MPI\_Comm\_spawn API

mpi.const: MPI Constants

mpi.dims.create: MPI\_Dims\_create

mpi.exit: Exit MPI Environment

mpi.finalize: MPI\_Finalize API

mpi.gather: MPI\_Gather, MPI\_Gatherv, MPI\_Allgather, and...

mpi.gather.Robj: Extentions of MPI\_Gather and MPI\_Allgather APIs

mpi.get.count: MPI\_Get\_count API

mpi.get.processor.name: MPI\_Get\_processor\_name API

mpi.get.sourcetag: Utility for finding the source and tag of a received message

mpi.iapply: (Load balancing) parallel apply with nonblocking features

mpi.info: MPI\_Info\_create, MPI\_Info\_free, MPI\_Info\_get,...

mpi.intercomm.merge: MPI\_Intercomm\_merge API

mpi.parapply: (Load balancing) parallel apply

mpi.parSim: Parallel Monte Carlo Simulation

mpi.probe: MPI\_Probe and MPI\_Iprobe APIs

mpi.realloc: Find and increase the lengthes of MPI opaques comm, request,...

mpi.reduce: MPI\_Reduce and MPI\_Allreduce APIs

mpi.remote.exec: Remote Executions on R slaves

mpi.scatter: MPI\_Scatter and MPI\_Scatterv APIs

mpi.scatter.Robj: Extensions of MPI\_ SCATTER and MPI\_SCATTERV

mpi.send: MPI\_Send, MPI\_Isend, MPI\_Recv, and MPI\_Irecv APIs

mpi.sendrecv: MPI\_Sendrecv and MPI\_Sendrecv\_replace APIs

mpi.send.Robj: Extensions of MPI\_Send and MPI\_Recv APIs

mpi.setup.rng: Setup parallel RNG on all slaves

mpi.spawn.Rslaves: Spawn and Close R Slaves

mpi.universe.size: MPI\_Universe\_size API

mpi.wait: Nonblocking completion operations


lamhosts Man page
mpi.abort Man page
mpi.allgather Man page
mpi.allgather.Robj Man page
mpi.allgatherv Man page
mpi.allreduce Man page
mpi.any.source Man page
mpi.any.tag Man page
mpi.apply Man page
mpi.applyLB Man page
mpi.barrier Man page
mpi.bcast Man page
mpi.bcast.cmd Man page
mpi.bcast.data2slave Man page
mpi.bcast.Rfun2slave Man page
mpi.bcast.Robj Man page
mpi.bcast.Robj2slave Man page
mpi.cancel Man page
mpi.cart.coords Man page
mpi.cart.create Man page
mpi.cartdim.get Man page
mpi.cart.get Man page
mpi.cart.rank Man page
mpi.cart.shift Man page
mpi.close.Rslaves Man page
mpi.comm.c2f Man page
mpi.comm.disconnect Man page
mpi.comm.dup Man page
mpi.comm.free Man page
mpi.comm.get.parent Man page
mpi.comm.is.null Man page
mpi.comm.maxsize Man page
mpi.comm.rank Man page
mpi.comm.remote.size Man page
mpi.comm.set.errhandler Man page
mpi.comm.size Man page
mpi.comm.spawn Man page
mpi.comm.test.inter Man page
mpi.dims.create Man page
mpi.exit Man page
mpi.finalize Man page
mpi.gather Man page
mpi.gather.Robj Man page
mpi.gatherv Man page
mpi.get.count Man page
mpi.get.processor.name Man page
mpi.get.sourcetag Man page
mpi.hostinfo Man page
mpi.iapply Man page
mpi.iapplyLB Man page
mpi.info.create Man page
mpi.info.free Man page
mpi.info.get Man page
mpi.info.set Man page
mpi.intercomm.merge Man page
mpi.iparApply Man page
mpi.iparCapply Man page
mpi.iparLapply Man page
mpi.iparMM Man page
mpi.iparRapply Man page
mpi.iparReplicate Man page
mpi.iparSapply Man page
mpi.iprobe Man page
mpi.irecv Man page
mpi.isend Man page
mpi.isend.Robj Man page
mpi.is.master Man page
mpi.parApply Man page
mpi.parCapply Man page
mpi.parLapply Man page
mpi.parMM Man page
mpi.parRapply Man page
mpi.parReplicate Man page
mpi.parSapply Man page
mpi.parSim Man page
mpi.probe Man page
mpi.proc.null Man page
mpi.quit Man page
mpi.realloc.comm Man page
mpi.realloc.request Man page
mpi.realloc.status Man page
mpi.recv Man page
mpi.recv.Robj Man page
mpi.reduce Man page
mpi.remote.exec Man page
mpi.request.maxsize Man page
mpi.scatter Man page
mpi.scatter.Robj Man page
mpi.scatter.Robj2slave Man page
mpi.scatterv Man page
mpi.send Man page
mpi.sendrecv Man page
mpi.sendrecv.replace Man page
mpi.send.Robj Man page
mpi.setup.rngstream Man page
mpi.spawn.Rslaves Man page
mpi.status.maxsize Man page
mpi.test Man page
mpi.testall Man page
mpi.testany Man page
mpi.test.cancelled Man page
mpi.testsome Man page
mpi.universe.size Man page
mpi.wait Man page
mpi.waitall Man page
mpi.waitany Man page
mpi.waitsome Man page
slave.hostinfo Man page
string Man page
tailslave.log Man page


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