Man pages for RobinHood
Interface for the No Commission Investing Platform

api_accountsRobinHood API: User
api_accounts_cryptoRobinHood API: User Crypto
api_achRobinHood API: ACH
api_contractsRobinHood API: Option Contract Instruments
api_currency_pairsRobinHood API: Currency Pairs
api_endpointsRobinHood API: Endpoints
api_fundamentalsRobinHood API: Fundamentals
api_historicalsRobinHood API: Historicals
api_historicals_cryptoRobinHood API: Historicals crypto
api_instrumentsRobinHood API: Instruments
api_instruments_optionsRobinHood API: Option Contract Instruments
api_loginRobinHood API: Login
api_logoutRobinHood API: Logout
api_marketdataRobinHood API: Market Data
api_marketsRobinHood API: Markets
api_ordersRobinHood API: Orders
api_orders_cryptoRobinHood API: Orders Crypto
api_orders_optionsRobinHood API: Option Orders
api_portfoliosRobinHood API: Portfolio
api_portfolios_cryptoRobinHood API: Portfolio Crypto
api_positionsRobinHood API: Positions
api_positions_cryptoRobinHood API: Cryptocurrency Positions
api_positions_optionsRobinHood API: Option Contract Positions
api_quoteRobinHood API: Quote
api_quote_cryptoRobinHood API: Quotes for cryptocurrency
api_ratingsRobinHood API: Analyst ratings
api_tagRobinHood API: Tag
api_tickersRobinHood API: Tickers
api_userRobinHood API: User
api_watchlistRobinHood API: watchlist
cancel_ach_transferCancel an ACH transfer from your RobinHood account
cancel_orderCancel an existing order on RobinHood
cancel_order_cryptoCancel an existing crypto order on RobinHood
cancel_order_optionsCancel an existing options order on RobinHood
check_rhChecks to see if you have a valid RobihHood object
get_accountsGet data related to your RobinHood account
get_achGet ACH data from your RobinHood linked bank accounts
get_contractsGet a option contracts from RobinHood
get_fundamentalsGet fundamental investment statistics for a particular ticker...
get_historicalsGet historical price history from RobinHood
get_historicals_cryptoGet historical crypto price history from RobinHood
get_market_hoursGet open market hours
get_order_historyDownload all available order history for your RobinHood...
get_order_history_cryptoDownload all available crypto currency order history for your...
get_order_history_optionsDownload all available options order history for your...
get_order_statusGet a current status of an order on RobinHood
get_order_status_cryptoGet a current status of an crypto currency order on RobinHood
get_order_status_optionsGet a current status of an option order on RobinHood
get_portfoliosGet portfolio summaries related to your RobinHood Account
get_positionsGet the currently held positions for your RobinHood account
get_positions_cryptoGet the currently held crypto positions for your RobinHood...
get_positions_optionsGet the currently held positions for your RobinHood account
get_quoteGet a quote from RobinHood
get_quote_cryptoGet a crypto currency quote from RobinHood
get_ratingsGet analyst raings for a given equity symbol from RobinHood
get_tagGet ticker symbols for popular tags on RobinHood
get_tickersDownload all financial instruments available on RobinHood
get_userGet personal user data related to your RobinHood account
logoutLogout of RobinHood
mod_jsonConverts a data frame to json minus the square brackets on...
place_ach_transferPlace an ACH transfer to and from your RobinHood account
place_orderPlace a buy or sell order against your RobinHood account
place_order_cryptoPlace a crypto currency buy or sell order against your...
place_order_optionsPlace a options buy or sell order against your RobinHood...
RobinHoodRobinHood Account Authentication
watchlistManage your RobinHood watchlist
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