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'ODAM' (Open Data for Access and Mining) is a framework that implements a simple way to make research data broadly accessible and fully available for reuse, including by a script language such as R. The main purpose is to make a dataset accessible online with a minimal effort from the data provider, and to allow any scientists or bioinformaticians to be able to explore the dataset and then extract a subpart or the totality of the data according to their needs. To install the 'ODAM' software suite on your own server, this requires a machine (virtual or not) with a recent OS that support Docker. See [1].

The Rodam package has only one class, odamws that provides methods to allow you to retrieve online data using 'ODAM' Web Services. This obviously requires that data are implemented according the 'ODAM' approach , namely that the data subsets were deposited in the suitable data repository in the form of TSV files associated with their metadata also described in TSV files. See [2] for more details.


Maintainer: Daniel Jacob


  1. Docker images of the ODAM software suite

  2. Presentation of the ODAM framework

  3. FIRM's data subsets of TSV files consistent with the ODAM framework

  4. Data Explorer online

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The class that actually implements the API layer for the 'ODAM' web services odamws

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