Man pages for Rpdb
Read, Write, Visualize and Manipulate PDB Files

addAxesAdd Axes or PBC Box to the 'rgl' Scene
addLabelsAdd Labels to the 'rgl' Scene
atomsCreate 'atoms' Object
basisThe Basis of an Object
bond-angle-dihedralAtomic Bond Lengths, Angles and Dihedrals
cellPropertiesProperties of a Unit Cell
centresCentres-of-Geometry and Centres-of-Mass
conectCreate 'conect' Object
coordsThe Atomic Coordinates of an Object
cryst1Create 'cryst1' Object
distancesInter-Atomic Distances
elementsPeriodic Table of the Elements
inertiaMoment of Inertia of a Molecular System
massesMass of Chemical Elements
merge.coordsMerging Molecular Systems
mirrorReflexion of Atomic Coordinates
mirrorHelpersHelper Functions for reflection of Atomic Coordinates
natomNumber of Atoms in an Object Containing Atomic Coordinates
pdbCreate an Object of Class 'pdb'
range.coordsRange of Atomic Coordinates
read.pdbPDB File Reader
reindexReinitialize Object Indexing
replicateReplicate Atomic Coordinates
rotationRotation of Atomic Coordinates
rotationHelpersHelper Functions for Rotation of Atomic Coordinates
Rpdb-packageRead, Write, Visualize and Manipulate PDB Files
split.pdbDivide and Reassemble 'pdb' Objects
subset.atomsSubsetting 'atoms' and 'pdb' Objects
toSymbolsAtomic Symbols Converter
translationTranslation of Atomic Coordinates
translationHelpersHelper Functions for Translation of Atomic Coordinates
universalConstantsUniversal Constants
unsplitReassemble Groups
vectorialOperationsBasic Vectorial Operations
viewAxisSet the View of the 'rgl' Scene
visualizeVisualize a Molecular Structure
wrapWrap Atomic Coordinates
write.pdbPDB File Writer
xyz2abcFrom Cartesian to Fractional Coordinates and Vis Versa
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