peucetia: Preference of hunting spiders by hairy leaves

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Occupancy of Peucetia spiders on parts of an experimental arena covered by leaves with or without trichomes.




A data frame with 27 rows (trials) and 6 variables:


Is the spider on the part covered by hairy leaves? Logical, for each of 6 successive inspections (time 1, 2, ...


Spiders of the genus Peucetia do not make webs and hunt actively on the vegetation. The data is from an experiment to test if spiders prefer to stay in hairy leaves, that can stick their prey. The spiders were kept in Petri dishes that had half of lower plate covered with hairy leaves. The other half was covered by leaves without trichomes. The placement of each spider was recorded 6 times at each 30 min.


Werneck, R.T. 2010. Lar, viscoso lar. Experimento de seleção de habitat e forrageio de aranhas em plantas com tricomas glandulares. Curso de campo "Ecologia da Mata Atlântica" (G. Machado; P.I. Prado & A.A. Oliveira, eds.). Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo.

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