Man pages for Rssa
A Collection of Methods for Singular Spectrum Analysis

AustralianWineAustralian Wine Sales
autossaGroup elementary series using periodogram
BarbaraClassical 'Barbara' image (color, wide)
bforecastPerform bootstrap SSA forecasting of the series
cadzowCadzow Iterations
calcvCalculate Factor Vector(s)
cleanupCleanup of all cached data from SSA objects
cloneCloning of SSA objects
clplotRatio of complete lag vectors in dependence on window length
clusterifyGroup Elementary Series Using W-correlation Matrix
decomposePerform SSA Decomposition
eossaESPRIT-based O-SSA nested decomposition
forecastPerform SSA forecasting of series
fossaNested Filter-adjusted O-SSA decomposition
frobenius.corCalculate Frobenius correlations of the component matrices
gapfillPerform SSA gapfilling via forecast
grouping.autoGroup Elementary Series
hankelHankel matrices operations.
hbhankelHankel with Hankel block matrices operations.
hmatrCalculate the heterogeneity matrix.
igapfillPerform SSA gapfilling via iterative reconstruction
iossaIterative O-SSA nested decomposition
iossa.resultSummary of Iterative O-SSA results
lrrCalculate the min-norm Linear Recurrence Relation
MarsWebcam image of Mars
MotorVehicleTotal U.S. Domestic and Foreign Car Sales
owcorCalculate generalized (oblique) W-correlation matrix
parestEstimate periods from (set of) eigenvectors
plotPlot SSA object
plot.reconstructPlot the results of SSA reconstruction
precacheCalculates and caches elementary components inside SSA object
reconstructPerform a series reconstruction
residualsObtain the residuals from SSA reconstruction
rforecastPerform recurrent SSA forecasting of the series
Rssa-packageA collection of methods for singular spectrum analysis
ssaCreate a new SSA object
ssa.capabilitiesSSA methods and capabilities check
ssa-dataInput Data Formats Used by SSA Routines
ssa-routinesProperties of SSA object
summarize.gapsSummarize Gaps in a Series
toeplitzToeplitz matrices operations.
USUnemploymentU.S. unemployment figures
vforecastPerform vector SSA forecasting of the series
wcorCalculate the W-correlation matrix
wnormCalculate Weighted Norm of series
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