Man pages for Rvcg
Manipulations of Triangular Meshes Based on the 'VCGLIB' API

checkFaceOrientationcheck the orientation of a mesh
dummyheaddummyhead - dummy head and landmarks
humfaceExample mesh and landmarks
meshInfoprint number of vertices and triangular faces of a mesh
meshintegritycheck if an object of class mesh3d contains valid data
nfacesget number of vertices from a mesh
nvertsget number of vertices from a mesh
Rvcg-deprecateddeprecated functions of Rvcg
Rvcg-packageInterface between R and vcglib libraries for mesh operations
setRayshelper function to create an object to be processed by...
vcgAreacompute surface area of a triangular mesh
vcgBallPivotingBall pivoting surface reconstruction
vcgBaryget barycenters of all faces of a triangular mesh
vcgBorderfind all border vertices and faces of a triangular mesh
vcgCleanClean triangular surface meshes
vcgClostProject coordinates onto a target triangular surface mesh.
vcgClostKDProject coordinates onto a target triangular surface mesh...
vcgClostOnKDtreeFromBarycenterssearch a KD-tree from Barycenters for multiple closest point...
vcgCreateKDtreecreate a KD-tree
vcgCreateKDtreeFromBarycenterscreate a KD-tree from Barycenters for multiple closest point...
vcgCurvecalculate curvature of a triangular mesh
vcgGetEdgeGet all edges of a triangular mesh
vcgImportImport common mesh file formats.
vcgIsolatedRemove isolated pieces from a surface mesh or split into...
vcgIsosurfaceCreate Isosurface from 3D-array
vcgKDtreeperform kdtree search for 3D-coordinates.
vcgKmeansfast Kmean clustering for 1D, 2D and 3D data
vcgMeshrescalculates the average edge length of a triangular mesh
vcgMetroevaluate the difference between two triangular meshes.
vcgNonBorderEdgeGet all non-border edges
vcgObjWriteExport meshes to OBJ-files
vcgOffWriteExport meshes to OFF-files
vcgPlatoniccreate platonic objects as triangular meshes
vcgPlyReadImport ascii or binary PLY files.
vcgPlyWriteExport meshes to PLY-files
vcgQEdecimPerforms Quadric Edge Decimation on triangular meshes.
vcgRaySearchcheck if a mesh is intersected by a set of rays
vcgSampleSubsamples points on a mesh surface
vcgSearchKDtreesearch an existing KD-tree
vcgSmoothSmoothes a triangular mesh
vcgStlWriteExport meshes to STL-files
vcgSubdividesubdivide the triangles of a mesh
vcgUniformRemeshResample a mesh uniformly
vcgUpdateNormalsupdates vertex normals of a triangular meshes or point clouds
vcgVFadjfind all faces belonging to each vertex in a mesh
vcgWrlWriteExport meshes to WRL-files
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